The Rope Of Life

7개월 전


my promise
Till the end of time...
Till the end of all...
Till the end of the road...
Till the end of the rope...
to the end of life...
i will be there
i will stay
never a breathe unchecked
never a breathe undone
i will stay
i will stay till you move on
i will stay till the time of life has stroked its final tick
i will stay till the road comes to a stop and there isn't enough to go along
i will stay till the rope runs down till the last strand of hope
to the end of life
to the beginning of death
because i will hang on
because i will hang on with you
because i wont let life stroke to the last tick
because i wont let the rope slip through my fingers
because i will carry you...
because i will pick you up when your on the floor
because this is only the beginning of our love
because this is only the beginning of a new life for you
because there is more to live for
because tears should only be worn for those who have lost love
because tears should never be worn by you because i am here
the clock is ticking
the road is coming to a end
the rope is burning the flames of death
and is shedding the ashes of the new
but we are the ashes
but we were the rope
not knowing what was next
time is stroking
time is coming to an end
but not for us
because love is eternal
because love never dies
because the fire in my eyes and in my heart is still yearning for the oxygen
of you..........


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