Drawing time

2개월 전

This is a different painting of the ones I normally do. I decided on this painting with children's motifs, considering that I usually do mostly nature, flowers and portraits. Since these little creatures are very popular to young children, I liked this idea. I have to admit that also drew this painting for my soul, since a child is still growing inside me, even though I am 24 years old. I hope you like these cute little ones. 😊






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Awww i love it 👏🥰


Thanks, I'm glad you like it. 😊

Me encantan los Minions amiga @nesni996. Ese cuadro le encantaría tenerlo a cualquier niño del mundo, jejeje. Saludos


Thank you very much. 😊

That is so nice cheerful painting. I believe for children would be a lot of fun to see this little crown if little Minions :)
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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like my work. Hope you'll like my future posts. 😊

Me encanto esta pintura, te dejo este concurso por aqui:Concurso "ARTE SPUD4STEEM" - 25 STEEM EN PREMIOS .



Thank you. 😊

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the process.


Thank you too for nice comment. 😊