Abstract painting- City painting

21일 전

People say that everything should be tried in life and that there is a first time for everything, so here it is for me ... this is another direction, something I don't normally strive for, an abstract painting. By the way, I like realism, to draw what I see with my eye, to paint with colors as they are in real life ... but I still had the desire to try something new and that's how this city came to be.
I don't know if you knew, but the abbreviation for the name of my profile "Nesni" comes from the name Nevena, that's my name. Of all the meanings of my name, my favorite is - "the one who will never grow old in spirit". This is exactly what this painting shows, that I am always ready for new challenges and at the same time new victories.
It is true that people say about us artists that we know to be in a world of our own, but aren't we all artists in some way? Don't we all draw our lives on a blank canvas and mix colors in our own way and incorporate our emotions into them? This is exactly what makes our deeds remembered, the emotion we invest, which gives us the certainty that our deeds have a soul, that they will remain eternal ...
Since I was little, I have only had one love, different from all other types of love, the love to painting. From those days until today, my focus has changed ... starting from cartoon characters, nature, to the theme of portraits, as the biggest challenges so far. Although my greatest love, I didn't want to go to school for it. My wish was to avoid the moment when that love can become just another in a series of obligations and to continue with it... because, when you focus on something good, that good becomes better.

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