Murals, art or not?

23일 전

Unlike previous posts, this post I want to dedicate to other artists, creators, a different kind of art in relation to the one I deal with. I'm one of those people who draws on paper, canvas, cardboard ... and this is a bit of a "harder" kind of art ... drawing on buildings, walls. Yes, you know, it's about murals. Many will say that drawing murals isn't an art and that it is something that makes the city uglier, however, I think it can be seen from the other side. Yes, I agree that drawing like this is often abused by writing ugly messages, drawing inappropriate thinga... however, there are so many other, beautiful things around us, where we stop and admire them. If murals have a positive effect on people, sending some funny, interesting messages or even some love messages, where is the problem? If they are in an adequate place, with an adequate message, they too can very well be considered art. For this post, I have singled out a few murals, some that are like to much, but some are those that are less visible. I can't wait to hear your opinion. :)







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Dibujar en pared es todo un arte amiga. Cómo bien dices una cosa es estropear la pared con garabatos y pintadas inapropiadas y otra muy distinta hacer murales. En algunos países de Europa los Grafitis están considerados como arte callejero y algunas ciudades pagan a artistas reconocidos para realizar estas pintadas en sus fachadas.
Saludos @nesni996


Me alegro de que tengamos una opinión similar sobre este tipo de arte. También lo apoyo si afecta la belleza de un lugar. Saludos a ti también.

Absolutely, murals are art! They also will make plain concrete walls look beautiful.


I'm glad you agree with me. I think we should support this kind of art and artist that affect the beauty of our region.