Positive thinking?

4개월 전

A story about positive thoughts, positive thinking and looking at things from a nicer angle, yes or no? There is a lot of research on this topic, however, it is normal for each of us to look at the same topic differently. My opinion agrees with that group of authors who think that optimism is very important in the life of every individual and some research has even shown that it prolongs life, which I am not competent to talk about because I have not had contact with this data. For me, optimism is the driver of everything, that is a good start for all the goals I need to achieve, given that positive thinking affects to have more energy to achieve my goals and dreams.
As the best addition to optimism, there is imagination, since it is important to imagine those situations in life that we would like to happen to us in a certain way, by putting ourselves in that situation, we get even more energy to achieve it in reality. To succeed in all this, we must be persistent. Many authors cite persistence as the mother of success, that is the main step in solving all problems and realizing all dreams and wishes.
However, on the other hand, it is important to follow our feelings, not to suppress them and express them. Monitoring feelings is nothing wrong, because we don't always have to force ourselves to think positively, to laugh when we are not laughed at, or to be in the mood when we are not. By taking into account all the positive and negative aspects of the situation, we can find the best possible conclusions, as well as the most realistic possibilities.
Positive thinking is an important step to take in achieving goals, however, effort and work on it is crucial, because without practical action, there are no positive results.
Since optimism is one of the paths I try to follow, even though I don't succeed in it completely, I try to pass it at least through my paintings, my art and drawing.
The painting I present to you today speaks precisely about this topic, about the fact that we should observe everything that happens to us from a positive angle and that there is light at the end of each tunnel, that tomorrow is a new day. Flowers represent just that positive side of thinking, allowing fat to dominate at times, but with a certain dose of measure. And that's why we should enjoy every beautiful moment that life gives us, because in the end only those beautiful moments count.
I hope you will like my post and enjoy the photos I have prepared for you with the steps and a short video of my work. 😊













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