Whole my world in one painting

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A sister's love for her brother cannot be compared to any other kind of love in the world. It is known that this love, especially the love of the older sister for the younger brother, is immeasurable and that this relationship is special.
This time you will hear from me something completely different, something that fills my whole life and a story about someone who fills every void. One adorable being who fills my days with laughter, his madness in a positive sense and his crazy jokes. Although younger than me, he often taught me some things I wasn’t even aware of. Whenever I look at him, I remember how beautiful life is and how grateful I am to my parents for having him. Whenever I look at him, I remember that even less beautiful things are beautiful, that you should stay positive and always, always laugh. One over-intelligent and over-talented being, even though someone who was never too interested in school and could achieve a lot in life, and he will achieve, I know that! All our madness that we still practice reminds me of our childhood, of that carefree and beautiful age. I remember, when we were little, all my relatives told me that sister's love for her younger brother is the biggest. Yes, I loved him even then, but only now when I grew up, I understand what everyone was telling me. I love him to heaven and back, even though I don’t say it often, I’m sure he knows it and will stay that way forever.
Every year for his birthday I try to come up with a new gift, something different and this year it was one painting, a painting I drew myself and put in days and days, hours and hours of effort to make it look the way I want it to. The idea was to draw a portrait of him, but not any portrait. I didn't want it to be that classic picture of him, I wanted something unusual. Given that he has followed me all my life, that he is my lion, king, emperor, the first man of my life, I decided to make a portrait in a royal suit. Honestly, it was not easy for me to do everything properly, but in the end all the time invested paid off. Although I wanted to portray him in this painting as a slightly more serious man, because this is a royal picture after all, believe me, he has a sweet and always smiling face. I have to say I am the proudest sister in the world!

Below I will show you a painting I drew for my greatest love, as well as works from start to finish. This time I decided to show you the accessories I used, to see what kind of environment I work in and what kind of creative chaos I made. So much from me this time, I hope you like the post, expect me again soon. 😊















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This is truly a beautiful piece if art. I love how you combined the different materials and techniques. I am happy to see another sreat steem artist whom I woul follow gladly and get inspiration from.


Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like my work, hope you'll like my future posts. 😊