NEW CONTEST 2021 - Insect Macrophotography | Orange Dragonfly in Aceh Forest.

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An Orange Dragonfly standing on a tree branch.

Hi my friends, dear Stemians, how are you? I wish you all well. Today I will show you a unique animal, namely the Orange Dragonfly, he is one of the small predators that is beautiful when viewed.

I will tell a little about this Orange Dragonfly, this afternoon I went to the forest to find a good moment to make a contest post, and when the sun started to set, I saw a dragonfly flying and standing on one of the tree branches, then I approached it and took a photo. slowly. This animal is too sensitive to foreign sounds and movements, but I was patient enough to take a good and maximum picture of the Orange Dragonfly.

So I remembered about the Macro Photography Contest organized by the MOD World of Xpilar Community, namely Sir @sultan-aceh. This is a good opportunity to enter the macro contest in my opinion. And I will make the most of my photos well to get good pictures.

My dear friends, dear Stemians, come see my works in this post, and hopefully this will be of use to me and to other Stemians in general. And don't forget, I posted this post on my blog by doing 100% Power Up (to build Steemit) to be stronger and more successful in the future.









This is an overall look at the Orange Dragonfly that I shot. Sorry friends if the "Overall Photo" section is not in macro view because this animal has a slightly large body shape and I cannot shoot with a macro lens.

Those are some photos of the Orange Dragonfly that I took, and I only used the camera from my cellphone, but I took advantage of the photo quality of the evening sunshine, and it created a good light effect. So from posting this Insect Category Macro Photography Contest, it can make Steemian friends like my work, and hopefully you can give a good positive rating for my post this time.

Well my friends, I also wish you all the contests of the World of Xpilar Community, and always promote Steemit in your region or country.

"At the end of the word, May you always have happy days with your family and always be successful."

Regards, @new-spirit.

PhotoOrange Dragonfly.
SubjectMacrophotography Contest
LocationAceh forest



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Thank you very much @dsc-r2cornell. Regards, @new-spirit.


Hai @new-spirit

Thank you for giving your entry in the contest
We are currently checking the Post Contest
Types of Insects - Beetle | Orange Dragonfly

We hope you become a winner
The spirit of 2021

Contest Committee | World Of Xpilar Community


Thank you very much sir @sultan-aceh. Regards.

a very extraordinary picture of course also very detailed


Thank you very much @hattaarshavin. Regards, @new-spirit.

I don't remember seeing such dragonflies here...)
Good grips @new-spirit !


Thank you very much sir @bambuka. I have a lot to learn to shoot macros. Regards.


We all have a lot to learn if we are into photography @new-spirit. Such thematic contests provide a good opportunity to exchange experiences. Yours faithfully :)


Yes sir @bambuka, we have a lot to learn. I chose macro content because I love the world of photography. It will make me more relaxed and excited. Regards.


Macro is not all the content of photography
People, nature, cities ... there are many interesting topics
I wish you success in this photo case :)


Yes, thank you very much, sir @bambuka. Regards.