The mystery of the woodcutter Rafael // History of terror


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Rafael is a woodcutter much concerned in the hills of gully, one day as anyone says to his son who should accompany it that he knew a virgin forest and that nobody the touched thing, which would be his gold-mine to obtain good firewood, for constructions and other thing that uses the wood nowadays, Rafael and his son Carlos raise to his van all the necessary hardware, but in the way a partner is and it tells him his passage of the day, this one mentions him that it is not in accordance with this decision, since many it presents itself itself virgins have disappeared in this mysterious forest with many trees.

Our friend woodcutter him does not pay attention, in the way it calls two of his the best partners of works, one that operator of machine and other who was handling gondola at that trasporta the wood, to the moment to come to the destined place it looked surprised and disoriented around him. That was a very strange forest, for his friends it was not known where it was, although a thing was sure the fact is that it was in a gold-mine as the soñaba pure wood to sell. But for his partners he was not comprising how it had come even there, if really it was worth while, but the ambition was of his side they decided to remain in this mysterious forest, part of this situation Rafael's son was noticing that someone was looking at it.

It was going more than two hours advancing for the forest, when a noise received his attention, filling with fear his overwhelming conscience, it seemed that there was someone or something following him very closely, watching him, either it did at night they had to encamp where I kept him the night, either they were time of the dawn were listened as it were falling down to soil of very hard and clear form that were someone cutting hoists at this hour, our woodcutter listens mentioned that the competition came already to him, the night sky was a black cage cutting any leakage.

Following days everything dawned with absolute normality, Rafael did one called to his partners and to his son to go out to cutting trees, they found a place where they had destroyed several trees of extraordinary form, associated it with the noise to that they listened in the night, continued that forward up to coming in point where I hoisted them they were shining as the gold, it begins the work after three days of an aduro I work, it had to fill as three gondolas, but only it had one, they were not mattering of doing several trips, while his partner goes in search of the trasporte he had to keep in the forest to take care of his goods, to the following day happen Rafael wakes up, surprised that all the work that they had done got lost, the wood disappeared, of the place of one day for other.

They all were scared and it was not comprising the fact of what was happening in this place, it seemed that they had not cut and without knocking down any tree, they took his things going out running of this place, but everything was useless, since which was the direction that they were taking they come to the same place all the time, already very tired of keeping on running in circle, listen like woodcutter, to cut a tree to clean hand and it is listened like the tree has his strong fall, they approach to ask to help from the distant thing it is observed that a woodcutter is cutting trees, one brings him over and they ask him for help that they are lost, this one mentions him that it takes an eternity condemned in this forest, it turns round it is a species of living dead person in his rosto pronounced tapeworm the death, leather covering was little the rest was a pure bone, it was dressing a good suit, it could not be true that the deceased was his company in this place.

Rafael takes his son and says to his partner who should run, but when this one rolls over he sees that his friend they were already not with them alone they were remaining he and his son, it seemed that him the same forest was swallowing it, they keep on running and he meets to his partners died his axe in the breast fixed, in his Rafael's thought the fact was that they belonged to the sleep that he could not recall the night that is hunting them as a venison, in this small moment that is distracted by the death of his partner, the son of this one disappears for art of magic, the anxiety tears this man to pieces, shouts him to the forest that takes him, for the life of his son, the macabre spectrum appears again it challenging that if desire cutting a tree before which he, he is sick to his son, he accepts the challenge, it begins the duel, every who takes his axe and begins to cut each one his tree, the alone spectrum makes to laugh at the poor man as one breaks the hands to cut rapidly the tree, this way this one manages to gain the challenge, he asks him to be sick to his son, already mentions this one I was sick to you, but do not realize that they were inside the tree that you cut, the poor man goes to see if his son was true they were inside the tree and be full of blood.

Rafael falls down of knee to see that it had killed his son without realizing, it was a bad move that offered to him the death, the spectrum now will take my place in this forest strolling around as I lost hachador, after one some weeks later Rafael's partner comes with two trasporte more to place where they were supposedly the wood, from I stop it manages to distinguishing to see his friend Rafael, it goes out to saying to him that I come with help, but it notices that Rafael his appearance was already not the same, when the two are seen to the face he it sees that macabre face is a fright, this one is surprised, but his deceased friend attacks it with his axe in the breast, several times, since then one turned Rafael into the lost hachador, loading with the death of his son, it was clear that this forest was damned, but the greed of the man takes it up to this forest.


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