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Back partners or friend reading followers of my blog, in this opportunity I share, the content on the domestic cat that in the majority it takes in his house as a pet but, really that we know about these feline, good he informs them following his scientific name Felis silvestris catus, belongs to the family of Felidae, between the expirations we find, at present big variety of race exists, in which they all are members of the same species, Felis catus, in the antiquity they were considered to be a part of the royalty as the case of the Egyptians, who were interested in for cats domesticated, which was demonstrated between 4.000 to 5000 years.


In the past the divisors were in heyday in the feline world and they decreed that all the different populations of wild cats / domestic had to separate because they were different between yes: Felis catus, the cat servants; Felis silvestris, the wild European cat, Felis lybica, the cat móntes African; and Felis ornata, the cat móntes Asian, but today every time they exist one major agreement in recognizing them senseless of denying, that these cats are only a member of same and the only species. Information consulted in The nature of the cats: origins, intelligence, behavior and astuteness ... for Stephen Budiansky, 2003.


Greetings in this opportunity I had the pleasant honor of sharing in my ground St Kitts of the state Táchira of Venezuela, this variety of domestic proper cat of the zone, for his singular hair and lineage, which owes for the type of climate, where feline these there is used to temperature who understands between 25 to 17 grades of temperature, it is of cold climate.


This domestic cat, also he is a descendant Leopardus jacobitus that is a feline that is in danger of extinction, it is endemic of South America, but for this case it is of walk of the state Táchira.



All the photos were taken for @newton666, in San Cristobal / State Tachira / Venezuela.


[1]- The nature of the cats: origins, intelligence, behavior and astuteness ... for Stephen Budiansky, 2003.


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