A moment in the natural world #6 //Hemiptera


Red-faced bedbug // Hemiptera

He greeted the entire universe of steemit, lover of science and biology, continuing with the work of photographic documentation of the small natural world and other spaces, covering the spaces to see the red-faced bed bug typical of the Andean area, ers estepeci de insecto Document it in the care of San Cristóbal in the Táchira state of Venezuela, which, like the other types of bedbugs, has been living in our gardens and patios in our homes for a long time, this species is from the kingdom: Animal, order: Hemiptera, Sub- order: Heteroptera, phylum: Arthropoda.

This insect has the following characteristics as an information base This insect can reach approximately 2 to 3 cm long and has an oval body, a small brick-red face, and its pigmentation is black on the rest of its body, in some cases generally sele details a mark of three small pale spots, on the front margin of the back of the chest, it is an insect with the singularity that can be found where carbon dioxide abounds, it takes the origin of a few glands as an immune system it gives off a smelly, foul-smelling characteristic that it possesses.


Nezara viridula (The green thumbtack)

in this opportunity we have another insect, which takes time coexisting in our gardens and courts of our hearths, Nezara viridula (The green thumbtack), it is a species of insect hemíptero of the family Pentatomidae, this insect can reach approximately 15-17 mm long and presents an oval body.

Give you insect it has following characteristic as base of information and papers, his pigmentation is of green color pale, generally with the mark of three small pale spots, in the frontal margin of the later part of the thorax, it is an insect with the singularity that to please in I besiege where carbon dioxide abounds, it takes which proveniente of a few glands as an immune system which detaches a smell of stinking characteristics, repugnatorias that this one possesses.

This guy of insect Is considered to be a plague not by the form in which this one is reproduced, but for the way of attacking the farmings, since this one you devour many the sheets, apart from that, agent carriers of illnesses and affecting to the farmings of infections of fungi or bacteria.

This work of investigation and papers photographic was realized by the camera of my J4 of models of cellular Samsung, in the way of HD, for @newton666.



1-Revisión del género Brachylybas (Hemiptera-Heteroptera--Coreidae, por Harry Brailovsky, ‎Juana Martínez, 1994.


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