100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 76 - 18/06/2020

3개월 전

Travel Dao Phu Quy
6:00 am check in to board the ship to the island ... about 110km away from the sea is dreaming and you can enjoy the most difficult route in Vietnam, especially having a fun kite flying on the beach
After that, the train will come to the island, pick up the hotel, and pick up the motorbike rented by the leader to visit the island

Visit the mausoleum of the mermaid where the giant mermaid remains remain on the island
Visit the beautiful cow raising beach, pandanus, coral reefs and beautiful beaches of the island

Visiting Linh Son Pagoda with the most beautiful location on the island, I was able to admire the vast panorama: Sea-Mountain-Forest-Vale Rock-View

Watch the most beautiful Ngu Phung embankment sunset in Vietnam


We organized cooking, enjoyed seafood purchased directly from fisherman boats for cheap and manually processed them .. after dinner we went to the hotel to rest and end of the first day.

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