The Diary Game 23/06/2020

3개월 전

Day 1:

We came to Homestay at 8:30: Check-in (we get Check-in early), rest a bit

Cau My rock beach

This is the most favorite place in Co To because it is so beautiful, it is beautiful to hold the camera up to take pictures, it is still wild so it is very clean, you can climb up high cliffs to see the beautiful scenery. .
After that, we went back to town to drink water, have lunch, because it was hot, so we ate fried rice and noodles for fast to go back to rest in the afternoon.
In the afternoon of 3pm, we took a motorbike to rent a boat to Co To

Co To is very beautiful, clear water, big waves but slightly deep, if you can't swim, don't swim, just swim around the shore.
Here to rent a cupboard: $ 1 / cupboard and float: 2> 2.5 $ / buoy, you both rent cabinets and rent buoys will be charged much cheaper offline.
Welcome sunset
The sunset on the sea is just right, about 18h30-19h is the most beautiful so if you want to hunt, you must take advantage of it


We ate at a restaurant near the motel in the evening
The food is delicious but cheap, diverse menus, easy to choose, fresh seafood

After that, I went to have a drink along the Love beach, near Cau Cang, very cool, but a bit noisy because the surrounding is a restaurant.

End of day 1 journey in Co To

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