COLD HANDS and WET PAINT Part1!!! MY FIRST PRIVATE WALL 2022 - edga NOWARGraffitis (many pictures!)

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Hola lovely Steemian army,

...finally i painted my first wall in this year. When i was painting i realized it was really a long time ago when i made a wall just for fun with some time. I enjoyed it a lot and had a lot fun.

We went to Mellowpark in berlin without a concept or anything. Just paint, spray cans, some water, nuts and a lot of clothes.

When we had the sketch session ( check this post: ) some days ago we decided to paint this wall. Lena, KOONE and my humble self.

I had some grey paint over and a bunch of pink and purple tones for us. This was Lenas first time with a spray can and so i did a little "workshop" by the way.

Lets start with some pictures now!

Have fun and enjoy my colorful little graffiti blog!

"edga 2022"


Of course we started to paint the wall at first.


When we painted the wall grey i realized it will never be dry! And we started so late because at 16 o clock is the last time to make a kind of good photo shot of your work because of the light. And you dont want to come back just for a picture. Also sometimes you have no time or chance to get this spot again. Thats why it is important to think about your last good shot in time ;)
We started at maybe 11.30 and the wall was grey at 12.00 o clock.

We just started our firstlines on wet paint.


I created a horizon and we played with some color on the top of the background.



Time for some fill in. The others already started.

But i had to explain some stuff to Lena and showed her how to handle a can, what different caps, ...


Coming with some white here. Thats the part when it starts "kicking" and changes a lot :)


Now i realized the light was going slowly away and nobody is near of finish. Even the paint was still wet.
At this point i decided to come back and finish this wall so i can help Lena now with her first graffiti.


I made some pretty cool pictures and it turned out pretty cool i think.



She really had a lot of fun too to paint with us. She is happy with her result and cant wait to paint her next one! ...Thats what we did!

What do you think about Lenas work?


Lucky we had this pictures because it became dark pretty fast and with maybe 50 spray cans everywhere around and all the stuff we had we really had to hurry up then ^_^.

I wrote on the wall a little message for the others to know we will come back and finish it.


It looked like this when we went home.

I m so ready to paint a lot this year and give me a level up! What are your plans?

Here is a nice detail shot. Like this because it came out very clean.


I m showing you the next picture because i just like it.


And thats it for today!

I just decided to make two parts for this blog because i have a lot of pictures, the text i write always and all the input will be to much then.
...also you have to come back if you want to see how this wall turned out ;)

So stay tuned for part2 very soon.

Hey, thank you for stepping by, for your interest always, all the support, comments and reblogs! I m always speechless and i am very honored!




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PEACE and love,

-edga NOWARGraffitis


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Wow amigo, me encantó!!! Mis felicitaciones para Lena, lo hizo muy bien, por demás, yo hubiera hecho un desastre de seguro jajaja. Me gustan mucho los colores que usaron.
Esperaré la continuación, saludos ☺️


Thats amazing, thanks a lot!

I love Lena type style! Wish I could learn fast spraying like that !


I pretty sure you can learn it very fast. If you try, keep doing it and not give up you can do everything <3

#wox-bestpick of the day goes to @nowargraffitis
This post is nominated by @penyaircyber


Amazing, thanks a lot :))