New original sketch: Fire Ball in my Hand

9개월 전

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you this mixed media sketch that I just made. It is a sketch for my new painting: Fire Ball in my Hand!


Fire Ball in my Hand sketch, watercolor and ink pen.

Here is a full photo of it:


I would like to have this special magical superpower to be able to start a Fire whenever I want because Fire is the element I am usually lacking. My body gets cold very easily but it needs a long time to get warm and it usually doesn't last very long so this superpower would serve me well.

Do you know the Greek Myth about how this element of Fire was given to humanity by the Titan Prometheus?

Enjoy your day, enjoy your inner Fire! Do you feel it burn?

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Hello friend, excellent image, it looks very real. Regards


Thank you so much 😊

Great artistic representation, it is very well detailed ! @oceansoul13


Thank you for your kind words and for resteeming my post. I really appreciate it!