Comparing the thousands of Cryptocurrencies and project with a fruit bouquet at a Buffet!

5개월 전


New tokens and projects will continue to spring up year in year out or on monthly basis, and so there would be countless casualties as many of these projects and tokens will fail. Hence, that variety will always be there, it's left for individuals to do their diligent research before delving into it. You can imagine these thousands of crypto projects as the fruit bouquet in the image, at a buffet you are allowed to take the foods/fruit you like to eat and ignore(leave) the ones you don’t feel like eating alone. This is my simple analogy and I hope anyone myopic enough to troll other projects think of it this way.

I love all the fruits in that image,and so should anyone else, or not. If I'm at such a buffet, I'll be greedy and like to taste it all cos I'm a fruit junkie. But most definitely there will be some i don't like much, its very possible for anyone to like just one or two or perhaps three if not all of all the fruit combination in there! That is how I perceived most crypto projects, it might be a wrong perception, but I don't hate or troll nor throw shades at any project when they do not have scam history or intent, even the ones that failed me and I had lost money to, I still remain civil. I just walk away, just like throwing a bad fruit away from the fruit bouquet!

The crypto space comes with a lot of opportunities and ideas, and that is accompanied by a lot of hates. Each project(token holders) thinking another fail, that is why its common to see BTC holders hating ETH holders, BSV fans trolling EOS and all. Its sickening and I just wish we all love each working projects like this bouquet of Fruits, or don't like it all, pick the ones you feel you like and invest in it, watch it moon or crash!

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