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Nobody is very prepared, there are always lapses of being parents. But that makes us all human, the imperfections and flaws make a child grow up to have freewill, picking rights from wrongs.

Motherhood is joy and sadness mixed together, the days of birth and pain, the days of going hungry for your child and the days of mother and child brawl.

It comes with days of failure and also with the days of achievement, and the moments of success. Sadness and joy could never go on uninterrupted in the life of an individual; both exist to make being alive a lesson, there are certainly moments of unending joy.

Though these Joy may not last long as expected, the little moments shared with parents, a mother last longer in memory, never fading or waning till we grow old and feeble.

Such moments is when we took our first steps, the day we first called "Mama or papa", the day we begin learning new things, our first grades and exams scores, going to high school and that moments mama knows we could take care of ourselves at least to some extent.

Memories like this never vanishes, the living always remember but the dead may or may not recount, for the living; it's ever fresh and a treasure to be cherished till out last breath!

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