Striving To Be A Winner


Hello beautiful people. Hope you all are doing great today. There is this saying that is common in our every day life which is "Winners never quit and quitters never win". Being a winner is not an easy thing and winners are not made in a day or by mere saying.


Being a winner requires understanding what a true winner is, realization that it is not a day's job, working towards it and determination to win. By this, one will able to focus on the goal and not waver. By understanding you have to make enquiry concerning your particular field of operation.

Determination is a key factor here and before one can win, there will be hurdles to face and only determination will make one sail through and not get discouraged. You have to learn from winners before you or people which much more understanding than you.

Learning from others will also make you realize that winners are not built in a day and no one is born a winner, we all strife and work to attain a high level. Rome they say was not built in a day so therefore in whatever area one finds right, work towards achieving your goal and do not bribe your way to the top. Strife to be the winner that you are.

Thanks so much for reading...
I remain my humble self @oredebby

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