Valentine's Day With My Fam ❤️❤️

11개월 전

Hello beautiful people. Hope you all are doing awesome today. So Sunday was Valentine's day and it's a day set aside for sharing and showing love to one another. So @crypto.piotr chatted me up few days to Sunday and asked how I'm gonna celebrate Valentine but I told him I had no much plans.

To my surprise, he told me he just wanted to reach out to me and make me enjoy my valentine with my family. Wow I was happy to hear that and before saying Jack, he already sent me 20 Steem. Wow! What's man with a heart of gold.

I had no much plan for Valentine but this singular act of care made me take the step to go out and have some fun with my family. So I had Chicken wings garnished with honey anf sesame seeds and topped it up with some Vanilla Milk shake. It was fun, I must say. Thank you once again @crypto.piotr. You're loved.

Enjoy the pictures...😊😋






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Nice time is best ever time.... Good to see u enjoying yourself...