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The Silence

Well, for a long time a very peculiar behavior that has been maintained in our ecosystem to this day has attracted big time my attention. Given that as this is a "social network" on the blockchain with a large population of human beings scattered, divided and distributed in a great variety of multiple tribes and communities in which a large number of cultures and different ways of thinking interact and live daily. I find pretty curious this peculiar behavior that I've been observing applied to many of its inhabitants for so long.

For now I am not gonna mention anyone by username yet. Because it may not be relevant for this post today. Or perhaps, you already know to whom I am referring to. Because probably you've also been observing this very same phenomenon as I've been doing it. This issue has been going on for too long that I find it must be hard that you haven't realized it yet. Let's see if my hunch is true.

As you know, I like to make people think through my articles. And make them think for themselves. Always avoiding as much as possible manipulating, inducing, cornering or convincing people to think like me. I only limit myself to showing the proofs and evidences that I find and that each one concludes what they think best on the issues I raise. And consequently, I may later decide to mention some of these Steemians by username depending on your comments. Just In case many of you state that you don't know about who the hell I am talking about.

According to my observations, they have been and still continue to be ostracized in our social network for far too long. And this does not seem fair or natural to me. Especially when they have always shown and continue showing to be consistent authors who write well and with quality content all the time in my opinion.

I don't know what their crime could have been in the past. Or if that offense or fault was so serious that they continued to be blacklisted by the Steem blockchain for so long until today. But one thing I can assure you. I am one of the longest-lived users on the platform that is still active with five years of being snooping everywhere through it. And I have seen too many things that many of you would only dream of having seen and witnessed for yourselves.

And whatever they have done, I am sure that no one deserves such exclusion and ostracism for so long. Especially when they are still active here contributing and producing content that in my opinion is always well written and of good quality.

Finally and to conclude this post here. At least in terms of the textual part so as not to force you to read more than necessary. I am going to share next some reflections in audiovisual format for your consideration and that the core of this message penetrates down your brain through sight and hearing more deeply without having to read much more. Somewhere through time, I've heard that sounds & sights together are always more effective to convey a message thoroughly.

So, I just hope that in this way and in this audiovisual format you will be able to absorb, process and digest better the information and the meaning contained in this post in a deeper, eloquent and more relaxed way without having to pay so much attention to my famously cryptic written Spanglish. Because I always want to make you think, but without confusing you in the least. Hahahaha

"The purpose of Thinking is to stop Thinking"

«-Cognitive Blindness-»

As I was writing this post an "original idea" suddenly occurred to me. But a truly original idea. Like most of mine. On how to try to solve this unfortunate situation of indiscriminate long-live blacklists, ostracism and exclusion in our social network on the blockchain against users who really do not deserve it. Yeah! in my opinion.

I thought about describing this idea in full detail right now. But I realize that this post is already very long and could potentially make your heads explode to process and understand this original idea in all its splendor, dimension and magnitude.

Therefore, like I better leave you here one last video related to the subject. Just to see if you can understand the original idea better without causing you much damage. };)

«-An Original Idea-»

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