When was the last time you read a post whose content you wanted to consume two, three and more times?


Well, this is one of those posts.

A post that intends to brighten your day. Improve your weekend. And cheer you up for the rest of the entire next week also. I'm sure it will do one, two or all these three things together. :)

But, ¿Why? you might ask.

Well, simple. Because this post contains all the spicy and irresistible ingredients of a visual and auditory feast that you will undoubtedly want to repeat. Over and over again. One more time to no end.

Because this post contains music. Cheerful and lively music. Music like you may never have seen and heard before. And with kickass bands and melodies that you probably didn't even know about them before. Well, at least that's what I think. ¿eh?

The blockchain lately feels somewhat desolate, silent and abandoned. It is probably due to the recent behavior of the markets. Or perhaps, also because most people want to take advantage of the best summer weather and are now taking advantage of their free time offline and outdoors before having to lock themselves again at home in front of a monitor to get some action and fun. Yeah, you tell me!

In the meantime, and just in case, let's start the experiment right away. May I?

What you are going to enjoy next. It is just a modest playlist of rare and happy songs that I am convinced you will want to add to your own library of music and thrilling eye candy to have it at all times at your disposal until at least Christmas. Yeah! let me know if I'm wrong. Oh yeah, because it is not that I am that infallible. You know? LoL

«-Uno Más-»

«-El aire de la calle-»

«-Que te vaya bien-»

«-No a la guerra-»


«-Mentira Politika-»

«-Camino del Hoyo-»

«-Fumata De Ladrillo-»

«-Yo Soy Como El Sol-»

And finally and to close this post with a flourish. The tenth selection to brighten your day, improve your weekend and sow a sticky ear-worm, but above all, a lasting eye-worm in your brain that will make your whole body shudder wanting to dance nonstop for the rest of your days until Christmas. As if there was no other opportunity to consume another post as cheerful as this one today. ¡I promise! }:)

«-Ahí! ¡Salero Puro!

Yeah! ¡Enjoy life it has been said!

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¿No a la guerra?