Freeing Yourself From Unforgiveness


People will obviously offend you at some point and there is nothing you can do to stop offences from coming. Some may apologize while some may not even be aware of the offences. The only thing within your choice to make is how you respond to the offences. A point will come when you will realize that your peace of mind is more important than what the person has done.

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Forgiving someone of the wrongs they have done does not tick what they did as being right, what it does is to make you live above the offence. Bearing unforgiveness within you will do more harm to you and your peace than the person that offended you. That you have forgiven them does not make them your friend but it does not also mean they are your enemy.

You do not have to create enemies simply because of an offence. It may not even be in their wish to offend you. Maybe they were in-between two terrible choices and they chose the one with the least consequence. If everyone was to create enemies at the single offence, then you would have been someone's enemy because you are not immune to offending people.

You do not have to wait till the person that offended you comes to render apology. This is why there is something called "advanced forgiveness" - that is; having the forgiveness on ground prior the offence. With this, no offence will take you unawares because you have lived very prepared to brace the impact.

You will agree with me that there is a kind of feeling that normally comes when you suddenly run into someone that you bear grudge or unforgiveness for; your heart will skip a beat, your tummy will rumble and all. This shows that you do more harm to yourself by living in unforgiveness.

Forgiving people may not be easy especially when their offences are seemingly unbearable, but when you consider your own peace and happiness, you will then make your choice. When you weigh the negative consequences of unforgiveness with the benefits of forgiving people, you will know which side to choose.

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There are times you need to find out the intentions behind the actions that people did to offend you. Offences, most times, are functions of the mind. This is why you do not have to allow what your mind conceives about someone to becloud your sense of reasoning. Just allow forgiveness to rule. Remember this popular phrase from the Holy Book:

Forgive us as we forgive our offenders

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