The Diary Game- 06/22/2020

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Good day my Steem friends, yet another day, yet another #thediarygame

I feel like the days are moving quite fast.

Anyway, I started my day at 4:30 AM as that is the time I wake up, I wake up very early every day to utilize my time optimally and effectively. I am preparing for my exam, I always advocate getting up early in the morning regardless of what your profession is. That is just good for health. Early to bed, early to rise.

So I spent 5 hours of the morning time in my study, preparation as my exam is scheduled for Nov-Dec 2020. The city is slowly picking up its business as relaxation is gradually happening for all types of business.

So after that, I decided to organize my cupboard, while doing so, I found the army of red fire ants and then I was curious what are they doing in my cupboard as such there is no food item in my cupboard, so by that logic they should have been there in the kitchen rather.



Interestingly, I found the ant eggs(white in color), and the ants are tasked to shift those eggs to somewhere else. I thought this is not the right time to organize my cupboard as the ants are doing their hard work for their next generation, so let them finish that, some other day I can be tasked to organize it. So I dropped that idea today.

Then I took my shower and then started preparing food. I always cook my food at home, which is economical for me. I always have a limited budget within which I have to manage myself.

I took some flour(three different types) and ad little water and prepared the (dao) a paste with low consistency and then left it for 30 mins.

2006 (1).JPG

2006 (2).JPG

2006 (3).JPG

Then I started making "puri"(Hindi name), this is basically a kind of puri very high in taste and little masala type puri and then deep-fried it in oil.

2006 (5).JPG

2006 (6).JPG

If you go to market and order this from a restaurant, it may cost you 20 cents to 30 cents per piece, but if you make it at home it hardly cost you 2 cent or so. That is why I always prepare my food at home. But my limitation is my budget, not my taste buds. No matter how good you cook, at least you should go out and take your dinner in a restaurant once a month if not every week, that breaks the monotony and feels good. But I am so poor and my budget is so limited that I have to drop every other idea where the budget exceeds.

Anyway, life is still beautiful as long as you are healthy.

After finishing it up, I took rest for one hour. Then again started studying. I have my struggle, the goal to clear the exam and get a job, ultimately to become financially independent. I want to have a little more liberty financially.

I love nature, whenever I have time I used to go in the afternoon/evening time for a 30 mins walk. Some other day I will share the picture of nature as these days it is raining heavily, so difficult to go out with a camera.

That's all for the day. Thank you Steem. See you tomorrow.

Steem on.

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