“Flower of the day” in three modes. Hibiscus



I start with a column entitled "flower of the day" which was suggested to me by a comment I read around (I don't remember who it was ..).
I will therefore present a flower in three different photographic modes: the original The black and white (or monochrome) and a photograph with the fotosplash effect, ie a black and white photo with color details.
I really like this last technique and therefore I would like to deepen its use which, contrary to what it seems, is not easy if you want to get good results.


I used an app downloaded to my phone. There are many that can be used very easily.
The flower of the day today is the Hibiscus. But this is a fairly unusual form of Hibiscus. Its petals are thin and jagged and the overall effect is different from the most popular ones.

DSC_0232 - Copia.JPG

I saw it in a recent exhibition and found it beautiful.
Here is my flower of the day in the three versions. Let me know your opinion.
All photos are mine

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Thanks a lot!

Hi @sardrt, it is indeed such unusual hibiscus, like you I like the version with B&W background and colored main object it is like a spotlight of the flower only. Very interesting and the quality is really great.

Also I noticed that your posts are only in Steem, if you use #steemexclusive then it will be seen by the group who concentrates on those users who posting on Steem.


I also really like this black and white version with color ...... I will make other examples and other attempts. Thanks for suggesting the tag ... I didn't know it!