My Artwork of the Day: "Alone on Paradise Island" - Miss Lou's Artworks @shelouveloso

5개월 전


Alone in a paradise island is like a breath of fresh air, freed from worries and just being you in the present. A quiet place to rest and have a peace of mind, letting thoughts a drift in the ocean. Barefoot on the sand, immersed in the salt water, or maybe surfing the waves are just few things to truly experience life.


I will be posting my daily artworks starting today and my topic/subject will be based on the given idea of the "What To Draw" application which I just installed yesterday.

For today's art was about "Alone on Paradise Island" and I used watercolor.

Enjoy Miss Lou's Artworks! 😊

Screenshot_20200629-234142_One UI Home.jpg

Screenshot_20200629-064751_What To Draw.jpg








2020-06-29 07.45.15 1.jpg

That's all for today and thank you for stopping by. 😉



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Nice I love this one!

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Thanks a lot @steemcurator02 ! I'm glad that you loved it. :)

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Interesting challenge app :) Can make you go out of comfort zone really...
Great painting on a topic drawn!

World of Xpilar Community Moderator


Thank you @axeman . This is really an interesting challenge app and I am enjoying it. :)

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