The Diary Game: "My Anti-Rabies Vaccine on 3rd Session" - 29/06/2020

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Today is my third session taking an anti-rabies vaccine through injection.

I woke up early in the morning, took a shower and had breakfast. I was in a hurry because today is monday here and there will be lots of patients in the hospital and I don't want to be the last on the list. 😂 My dad accompanied me to the hospital and thankfully I'm the 3rd patient.

I mentioned in this blog that my cat had accidentally bitten me that's why I needed to undergo series of injection. The doctor said that if my cat became weak or dies within 14 days I'll have to take the 4th session. Today is the 11th day but so far nothing has happened to my cat and hopefully he's safe until day 14. 😔




My first session started on June 22 and the second was on June 25. My experience with the shots now is less painful than it was at first as if I could not endure the pain. Now I feel like I'm used to it. 😂

It was lunch when I got home and after eating I rested first. While I am resting I let my younger brother and sister do an art or a fake tattoo on my forearm. Look at what they did, it looks like I was injured haha. 😂 The pen they used are in red and black color but look at how artistic they are. 😊


After I took a rest, I looked at my play store and an application had caught my eye, this is "what to draw".
After reading the info, I became interested so I installed it.

Screenshot_20200629-234142_One UI Home.jpg

It gives lots of drawing ideas. So I tried to draw one based on its given idea.

Screenshot_20200629-064751_What To Draw.jpg


My whole illustration will be featured in my next blog, keep an eye on it. 😂 I just spent the whole afternoon on painting. Up to this point only and thank you very much.

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Hello Friend!!
I hope your cat stays well ... I like the creativity and art of your children and yours, they can make great tattoos !!


Thank you friend @anasuleidy :) I really hope so. Yes they are artistic, maybe one day one of them will have an interest in becoming a tattoo artist. 😂

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