Drawing a men with muscles

3개월 전

Hello everyone!!

Today I am back with my new work. This is one of my best work till now.
This is the work in which I was studying the muscles of the body. I was trying a new technique too, that is merging. I am normally into hatching but this work was done by merging the lines. The first time I started merging I felt a little uncomfortable cause I loved those hatched lines and here they were all smooth but after working for a while I got used to it. It felt quite good working this way too. The best part for me on this work is his pants. I just love the outcome.

Materials :
Indian cartridge
Pencil - 2B, 3B, 6B, 8B
Charcoal eraser

Step by step process:








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Excelente! Te quedó todo perfecto y bien proporcionado


Thankyou 😀

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Your work is wonderful, the textures and shades are very good, the body definition is fine, I could see that you used a half tone graphite, for all the work, if you had alternated the strong shadows with a graphite pencil (B, 8 ) or even (b, 6) the contrast would be more realistic, your work is great greetings
My friend nominated you for the selection of @xpilar, I would like you to support me and nominate me too, so in this way we support each other, it is important to work with the support of other artists, greetings and successes



Thankyou for your supporting words.
Its true that its important to work with support, I have nominated you. Greetings

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Thank you for the support