Reports of Bitcoin’s Death Art imitates life

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I was scrolling through articles on Steemit and found this picture on a post by @shortsegments and then followed the links to the original artists webpage, it’s pretty cool.

This piece is called Bitcoins Obituary and it’s like a meme with all the years that news media predicted Bitcoin would die. It’s ptretty funny in a way.

The artists description follows;

Bitcoin has “died” hundreds of times. Bitcoin has been called a scam, a con, a ponzi, a pyramid, too inefficient, and too volatile. On top of all the FUD, critics have cheered that if Bitcoin becomes too popular, governments will attack it. Yet for some reason, adoption, usage and the price continue to grow. Bitcoin, the honey badger of money, lives and has thrived under constant attack. That’s because, it’s a concept that recognizes the inalienable right to store and transact value. Attack it, and it will use code and math to fork into something better and stronger!

There is apparently another website that keeps track of all the articles written on Bitcoins death. It’s called 99 Bitcoins I think.

So this artist specializes in CryptoArt, which apparently is like a Cryptocurrency wallet you hang on your wall. It’s pretty cool that you are literally hiding your wallet in plain site! LOL!

So each piece of CryptoArt has the ability to store Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies offline away from hackers.

Watch this video at the website to learn more and to see how it works.

I agree with @shortsegments quote

This is the Age of Cryptocurrency, the only limits to creativity and ingenuity are the limits we set on ourselves.

It’s cool.

The End

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