“Are you sure you want to do this? The old witch asked.Yes I’m sure. And you know there is no turning back once you drink this, “a blue like liquid with vapour exiting out of it ”. Yes witch im sure, I need to do this! I need to protect my family from these people even if it means selling my soul to whomever, so enough with the questions and give me the potion already. Im ready to pay the full price. Okay then, its full moon already so you have to drink this right now. “Grabs the calabash and drinks in the liquid”. How do you feel? I don’t feel anything, I said. Wait for it boy!
Argh (bones crackling and breaking) aarghhh , what’s happening, you poisoned me? Arggggh whats happened to me( the witch laughs hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahah) arghhghghhhhhhh.!!!!!!!


Well that’s how it all started , but I guess you might be confused a little. My name is NNAMDI and I’ve lived for over 300years. I guess within all that time by my self I have learned to keep journals about me. I have the best selling books and everyone thinks these stories are fake but I kid you not they are real. Vampires, werewolfs in-fact what ever supernatural beast you’ve heard of didn’t just appear out of the bloom. Something prompted it, enough of the talk let me tell you how it all started

It was the middle 16th century. I come from africa, Nigeria to be precise in the Igbo land. We weren’t familiar with the western culture or their education till they came. Before then, we lived happily and played a lot, went to the farm for our parents. We didn’t have kings or queens in my tribe, we were just ruled by the heads of the family cause each clan was just a really extended family and wealth was determined by lands and farms. Luckily for me, my father was very rich. I was 5 years old when the white men first came as missionaries with promises of a God and a better life. My father was one of the first people they traded with, soon after merchants came in and claimed they would take some of his children abroad so they would be trained and in exchanged they would give him some of their industrial produce. My father ignorant about what he was doing and thinking he was sending his children to be trained, gave up my elder brother and some other of his children. I was only little if not I would have been one, I bet you guessed right that’s how the slave trade began.

Soon after this caused conflict between two clans as they would love to fight each other to claim slaves for the merchants and it got bloody really fast, with the weapons given to them. When my father had realized that his children never came back as promised he stopped his communications with these merchants . Unlike other families that continued trading they had weapons and goods of the white men. We had little cause we stopped dealing with them. One day our clan was attacked late at night, our houses burned, families killed, women raped. I was 20 and I watched this happen and couldn’t fight , not with the gun wound I had on my leg. I was left to bleed out and die amidst the flames. The little of my family was taken to be sold to the white men. I guess you understand how it came to this.


I woke up in a hut all of a sudden and everywhere was dark, all I could see were a fire wood burning by the side and a woman with long dirty dreaded hair, she was very dark and had little of no teeth left but one canine which was very visible, on her hair were cowries decorated on it, her nails were long and dirty, her face really old and wrinkled.

We didn’t speak English back then but I guess for whoever reading this I have to be your translator. where am i? I asked. You are in the forbidden forest. How did I get here, I brought you here she said slowly with a Crooked tone. Wait I know you, aren’t you erinma, the village witch banished into the evil forest years ago? “Yes my son I am”. How are you still alive? I asked in shock , “ the gods have been good to me and certainly not to you today, I see bright paths coming your way but sacrifices and blood bath, your whole family isn’t dead she said , some were carried off to be sold and there is still chance for you to save them.” Why are you helping me I asked, “ I help you because what you people call the forbidden forest is my paradise which I’ve been chosen to protect and soon its going to be taken away from us by these men with their machines. I need it to be protected by someone willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, someone who has been traumatized, someone who would do anything to protect whats his and that someone is you right now” so Nnamdi, how far are you willing to go in other to save your family she asked,”
I will do anything but I don’t know how I would fight with this damaged leg I said with tears already dropping from my eye. “ I can turn you into a beast of vengeance, you’ll have the speed of 3 cheaters, twice the strength of an elephant , invulnerability, invisibility, immortality but this curse would make you loose your grip at first till you’re able to control it. So I need you to be sure you want this.

Now back to the beginning of this story, remember how she gave me the potion to drink, I never knew how un controllable the curse was or knew I would turn into a werewolf!! Yess a freaken WEREWOLF!!


I drank the potion just then i felt All my bones breaking and reshaping with no pain killers, imagine a machete hacked into you hands or legs till it falls out. I felt that all over my body till I transformed, I don’t think I was in control but I saw flashes occurring through my mind while in that state. I killed the witch, and somehow I feel like that’s what she wanted, I could smell and sense everything around me including my family that had been taken.

In a flash my body moved out on its own with great speed, over trees and over cliffs, what is this, what did I do to my self, what have I become, “those were the words going through my mind.” From the forest I saw my family all tied up in chains, bruised, wounded and in pains. I felt rage, pain, blood lust and had no other way to explain them than to howl. (Howwwwllll)


The captors looked up the hill to see me, all they thought was that I was a wild dog which they could kill easily and they laughed it off. Just as they were laughing I moved at such great speed and SNAP!!! Off with his head.
The taste and smell of raw flesh and blood was the best feeling ever, all I wanted that moment was more. One of them picked up a gun and shot at me (pooww) that tickled I must admit, the round ball bullet fell of me like I had been thrown a berry, (POW ,POWW, POWW) three shots again as I move closer and closer to him All I could smell was fear as he moved backwards, I heard his heart beat so fast it felt as though he was going mad. Yes! Yes! I loved that, FEEL THE FEAR!! FEEL MY RAGE!! I leapt on him pinning him on the floor , ripping his guts, his face and making sure he was alive, feeling every scratch, every bite, I ate as much as I could. Poor me,, I had lost control in front of my family now watching me in fear just as I looked at one of them with the blood all over my body. I stared at my sister and she shivered and I walked closed to her. How else could I communicate but to bow my head down with outmost sincerity and apologies. She noticed this and came closer towards me petting my head like she had just made a pet. (POW)!! I heard from behind, someone shot at me.


More of the clans were coming,I left my sister running into their spot. It was a massacre, I came out all bloody with no survivors left. I walked up to my family and cut loose their chains and led them through the forest to the forbidden land. I felt no one would dare enter there as rumors of a beast that lived within spread like wild fire. My family got to find out I was the wolf once I transformed to my human form. I expected fear, disgust ,shame and I was honestly ready to accept whatever I got but instead they loved me more. We started our family afresh within these confines and claimed the whole hectares of land. I scared off any merchant trying to claim it and they responded of course with their weapons and guns which I responded with equal violence

For centuries I have lived within these walls with acquired wealth protecting my lineage and serving them. They all knew of my story and respected me. I watched family die and family born. Immortality might be a pain , but with my purpose at heart I never regret the sacrifice I had made. You can say I’m their GUARD WOLF!!


art made by me

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Greetings my friend @spyrex.

good story, powerful potion to become that beast.

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