Holiday Diary: Wildlife of Ameland and back in Germany

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Hello dear Steemians,


While looking through the photos that we have done on Ameland and in Germany I thought to do a separate post about the animals that we have managed to capture. We have mentioned that on our holiday terrace there were few bunnies , every morning as normal routine one of them was already waiting for us, laying on sunny area in grass and just enjoying the beginning of the day. When saw him on our first morning I thought that this was a coincidence but then it happened every day so likely he had his own place very close to our terrace that is why it was there.


The other animals that we saw often on the island were horses, many of them were bored seeing the tourists who wanted their attention but they did not care about them. For children it was another type of entertainment to ride horses and it was a lot of opportunities.


P7200179 copy.jpg

P7200180 copy.jpg

Another interesting animal or better to say a bird I wanted to share here is a heron. We have captured it in Germany, on the evergreen tree of our neighbor. Actually it comes every year, because the neighbor has a little pond with fishes. But he likes to sit on the top of the tallest tree and to observe his area. Luckily @myskye had managed to make such wonderful photos and here they are for you.

DSCN1645 copy.jpg


DSCN1646 copy.jpg


DSCN1641 copy.jpg



CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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But all the photos are beautiful, what a beauty of animals, as you can see that the rabbit was so relaxed and felt safe with you watching him, they tend to be very surly when they are not domesticated, the photo of the heron looks like a painting!

I wait for more photos!



The rabbit has no problem to be photogrpahed, I think it got used to have people who were making photos. On one of the day we saw one who got a piece of carrot, so that we thought that the tourists might fed it. The heron's image is great, I like the feather and grey colour of them :)

Oh how wonderful that the rabbits were so cute, a great feather or that grace so elegant that you see in the photos!


Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Watching these beautiful animals in the wild with friends and families really is a memorable experience @stef1 👍especially now that taking photos of them are so easier compared in the former years.


When we do animal photos that reminds me the documentary about animals, but when we do ourselves it is a great feeling to have a chance to capture those animals like in the magazines or on TV.

Fantastic photos! The bunny close-up is my favourite 🐰


I had to resist to go and strike it, my hubby had to stop me, saying that it is faster than me and will run away :)

Я недавно встретил цаплю недалеко от своего дома. Это большая редкость в нашей местности. Первый раз я увидел здесь цаплю 5 лет назад.


Да цапли здесь тоже очень редкие, но вот этот здесьуже третий год, каждый раз мы надеемся что он снова прилетит.


Одиночка? Не пара? А тогда почему прилетает?
Кстати, я 5 лет назад видел пару. а потом встречал одиночек.

Beautiful photos of these animals, the wildlife is amazing! Thank you for sharing dear friend, it is always a pleasure to see your good publications.