Join "500 steempower up voting event" by @steem-agora. We are in!

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Hello my dear Steemians,



500 steempower up voting event initiative by Steem Witness @steem-agora:


As you all know we usually surfing all around Steem and looking for any opportunity how to contribute to the growth of popularity of Steem and how we can contribute to make it stronger. In last post I mentioned that we are already 4 years on Steem blockchain slowly but surely we know many who were from very beginning and luckily our account is also well known to many.

On of our old friend Steem Witness @steem-agora who is one of the supporter of @art-venture project but also he is the one who actively encourages Korean Community to invest in Steem and Power up. You might noticed that many accounts there have high Steem Power and the reason behind is they have support for Powering up

I have already re-steemed the post of @steem-agora but it is often that we do not read and as always users ask the questions there where the answer is clearly easy to find in blog. In order to avoid it I am leaving a link to the post:

Here is a snapshot from the post:




Trenner groß.png


We love all initiative that leads to stronger Steem that is why we are in and what about YOU?


  • We have looked through all the coins that we have and after reassessing converted some of them into Steem
  • We have transferred Steem from exchange to @stef1 and then Pwered it up:


or you can see how it looks in Steemworld:



  • The next you should leave your message with the proof of Power Up snapshot under @steem-agora's latest post and that is, just wait for the upvote

Anybody can take a part in this Initiative and you do not need to wait for the beginning of the month

We all know that @steemcurator01 and the Steemit team encourage users for Power Up, I hope that they also will love this Initiative that will help us to create more stronger accounts


@stef1 and @myskye



Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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Hello stef your post very nice stef please support me.

Ottima iniziativa. @steem-agora è una persona fantastica e sensibile all'arte e non mi stupisce il suo appoggio alle tue iniziative artistiche. Anche noi come comunità italiana da mesi stiamo promuovendo e premiando chi fa il Power -up . Ecco il post di @girolamomarotta . Ho fatto un power up di 500 steem qualche settimana fa...non so se vale, ma ci proverò! Saluti grandi.


I think in general if people do Power Up it is good to reward them somehow. I saw that Korean users doing that and was very curious to fine. So next time you may also drop a link under @steem-agora's post :)

It would be good if the Steemit team would also support such high amount of Power Ups.

Linda pintura, es un arte que solo la saben ustedes los que se meten de lleno. Saludis


Thanks, yes, I love this painting too :)

Me gustaría crear contenido para esta comunidad, debo tener el tiempo y las herramientas necesarias. Pronto lo haré


The community is open for everyone!


Thanks for your activity.
Unfortunately my last transfer was in june. But maybe there will be a next time... :-)


This initiative is daily, so next time you will do transfer from outside of blockchain adn this should be 500 Steem and above only then you are entitled to :)


Exactly, now I know it and can do it... thanks to you!

Awesome initiative. I always power-up, and convert my SBD to Steem and then power that up too haha.


Hi @mrchef111, yes it is great initiative. What you should attention to is that the Steem is not from inside of Steem blockchain, so it is not the payout of posts but from outside, otherwise it is not counted.

I wish I would have 500 Steem, which I could move from exchange now, but yes, surely a good initiative by @steem-agora.