Steem Crypto Challenge #4: The future of cryptocurrency



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Hello my dear Steemians,


Today I also wanted to take part in the Steem Challenge that is organized by #steemitblog, this time topic is “the Future of Cryptoccurrency”


Once there-always there


The cryptocurrency is something very young and until now the majority of people still do not trust cryptocurrency calling it the products of hackers, dirty money and even hate it.

Why it is so? Banks and governmental institutions

We know that as human being we are very easy to influence using all type of media such as newspaper, TV news, youtube , that became another alternative source of information and of course enormously quickly growing Internet.

The financial world currently dominated by fiat money, that is beautiful name but there is sometimes no value behind. The real valuables are gold and silver.

We are all very well aware about those valuables and government is strongly supporting them. Banks on other hand are very happy to be the medium chain between money and us the people who owns money but we all giving and trust our money to those institution for save storage.




Without us and our savings there is no role anymore for banks, they will disappear.


Our life and our finance


Since the time of the first cryptocurrency was created, it became clear that actually we can exist very well without the middle man between us and banking system. We do not need “mummy” who is keeping our money and we are allowed to have money when we want but they want to know everything about us: where we work, how much we earn, if we earn enough to receive a loan and how much they can give us to make sure they will receive their money paid back, but of course with percent for lending.




With cryptocurrencies we decide about our finance ourselves. But of course we have to learn and choose what we want, how much and when.

If you want to buy or sale you can do it any time from anywhere and the transaction happens real time within seconds . The only thing you need is Internet and of course you should know and keep your Passwords save. Otherwise once lost you will never find it. Unlikely to banking system, there is nobody who will recover your account and give you access to your savings.


Why Government is against Cryptocurrency


Seeing that the government is of course realizes the danger for them to be excluded from their profit that they earn on all the transaction, the profit of storage of money of all of us.

Just think about the time when due to economical crisis in Greece few years ago people started to withdraw their money in order to get cash, that time few of the banks became bankrupts and had to shut down.

Only if the government will see benefits for itself then it will support Cryptocurrency. Nowadays there are many different approaches in different countries but slowly and surely it is approaching to the moment when even government will likely create their Cryptocurrency. What do you think if it would be popular or not. I think it would, because it is normal that people trust government, it has a backup financial support and even if it will get bankrupt State will cover those expences.


Future of Cryptocurrency


The cryptocurrency will have a good future in general and may even dominant the modern financial market. Do you remember few years ago when we heard Bitcoin we did not know what it is and what we can do with it. But now we know that it is one of the most valuable Cryptocurrency in the whole world.




The new generation is growing with all the modern electronic equipment. The children learning already since their childhood years how to use, play and starting from teen ages they already try to write themselves some programs for games. That is beginning. Programming is the essential in developing of everything starting in Medicine, engineering or development the exploration of space. Of course programming skills are basis for successful blockchains and Crypto world.

Therefore within next 10 years we will be witnesses of extremely quickly developing world of Cryptocurrenciey.

What we can do in order to be part of it.

You all may remember the quote:

Early bird catches the worm


Trenner groß.png


  • If you are reading my post that means you have at least Steem as Cryptocurrency. Steem is one of the most easy to earn Crypto based on blockchain with social interaction. You can benefit from:
  • New friends, all over the world with different background but the same aim, people who are as you a part of the same community
  • Communication is the essential foundation and being a human we are social species and we would like to have a place that gives you both communicate and earn


Paypal, what is next?


It is a good news and many of us have heard that Paypal users now will be allowed to use Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin to buy, sell. That is only the beginning and as you might well know how popular Paypal is. I would not be surprise if we hear something the same from Amazon or Ebay in near future. Once it starts it will get viral, that will open a door for Cryptocurrencies into our daily life.




I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


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CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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Seeing that the government is of course realizes the danger for them to be excluded from their profit that they earn on all the transaction, the profit of storage of money of all of us.

Currently I do not share this view 100% with you as the idea of ​​a digital currency for central banks is more and more widespread around the world to help improve payment systems and cross-border transactions. The move comes after Facebook caught the attention of central banks around the world after announcing the launch of its currency, Libra.


I am not an expert in either traditional banking nor Cryptocurrency but I possess both and see for example when for normal money transfer from ordinary bank account in UK to the account in EU banking system charge me 10GBP and it takes up to 3 working days for money to be there where they should be.

If I use Crypto then I pay either much less or nothing and the transaction is done within seconds.

Nobody knows what the future will bring but human being are looking for the better life for them and less hassle, the final decision is left for customers :)

upvote 100%

We continue to support each other


Thank you :)

There are some people in my country who think cryptocurrency is part of gambling, and call it usury too, even though they don't really know the origin of cryptocurrency


I believe that is very common impression. In general because there are not much in ordinary Media, then people should go in Internet to find the updated information. But we know that majority of people like ages 50+ probably will have not much interest in surfing in Internet for such information. Many learn from their children. But in about 10 years the whole situation will be different :)

Trade on all cryptocurrency exchanges from one interface! -
Trade on all cryptocurrency exchanges from one interface! -
Trade on all cryptocurrency exchanges from one interface! -

I am frequently asked by people about crypto, but i am not preachy about it or trying to recruit anyone. I normally tell them that if they don't understand it at all that it is probably best to only get involved with the big exchanges such as Binance or the likes that have easy to use interfaces with single password entry portals.

This may not even be sound advice but it is difficult to get the concept of "keys" across to someone that has never used them.

On one great success, someone I know that is quite old and didn't know what to do with his remaining money that he wants to pass on to his son (who lives on the other side of the world) bought something like 100,000 dollars of BTC, this was 2 months ago so yeah, I'm sure he doesn't regret that choice.


You are right, it is difficult to give advice to someone as well as it is unpredictable what the future holds for Cryptos.

I was also asked few times by my colleagues once they hear that I am a bit into the matter, but I just explain what I have and tell that there is no guarantee that it will be profitable. We ourselves invested initially very small amount of money that we could put to a side without any financial restrain. There are few different Cryptos because we did not know what is better to invest to. But it is nice to see that they are still there and the value is more than we invested.

In my opinion Steem is one of the Crypto that people can earn in their pleasure time, by doing what they like- blogging. Of course hte price is not what we all dream to have but so long it is not completely in basement and so long we are enjoying blogging we are here.

good job!


Thank you :)

”We do not need “mummy” who is keeping our money”

This statement is spot on @stef1. I love it. Crypto is self-reliance.

Like you said, we have to trade in so much just to get access to money. Sometimes I feel like it includes an arm and a leg plus the kitchen sink :)

But to hold crypto, all we need is a phone and an internet connection.

Outstanding post!


Thank you for reading and I am glad that you have the same opinion. We all just got fed up with the service that we have from traditional banking system. If there will be an alternative I believe many people will decide to go for change :)