Visual Art creators nominated for @booming support

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Hello my dear Steemians,


Many of you know that despite stopping our Visual Art Magazine we still have privilege to nominate the users for Community Support Program @booming support that is kindly supported by the Steemit Team. There are many users who we still admire and supporting. We are very proud having many friends for a long time and that they still actively posting in World of Xpilar.




Sergey is one of the active users in WOX who has his distinct Photography style, capturing the beauty of women.





Jorge is our Professional Artist who started to share his experience and introduction into the world of Art. He is using various art mediums but also the digital tools that also may help to create the drawing like we do with traditional medium. I like this one it is emulated the strokes given with chalk and charcoal on Kraft paper.




Juan is a Professional Artist from Spain whose watercolour skills but also him imagination I admire, this one called Feeric communities and you can see little houses that are within that big tree of life. He often creates illustration to different stories and creates the characters, that brings me back into the world of our childhood.




Stefany is a wonderful personality and very kind, positive and always communicate with everyone. I love her comments that I often come across when visiting the WOX users. Her works are so colourful and bright like herself. It is not possible not like her, hope you will discover wonderful user and maybe will find a friend :)




*Another user who works with watercolour and can create the beauty of flowers, animals and portraits. It is nice to see more active users who loves to create an Art.


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



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Beautiful art selection Stef, thank you. I'm very glad to be among your selected!


Hi Jorge, me too, it is a real pleasure every time when I look into Steem to see that there is a post from you. I was wondering if you ever thought to write a post about your travel, like a blog, the goal behind and maybe visiting the places, relatives. But maybe you just wanted to use the blog online for your art, in that case it is all right :)


Hi Stef, thank you. I don't plan to write about my travels now, maybe later.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.
Please check my new project, STEEM.NFT. Thank you!

sometimes the art tell much more.


Not sometimes it is always more :)

Buenas imágenes para esta oportunidad, me gusta la primera y segunda bastantes, son expresiones diferentes.


Thank you I am glad that you found sometimes of interest for you :)

Greetings dear friend. Thousands of thanks for the support towards my work and beautiful words towards me. All the nice support makes me feel grateful and super happy.

I congratulate all the other selected ones, I know the vast majority of these users and they are creators of high quality content. God bless you all. 🥰💙


It is my pleasure to highlight you Stefany, such a user like you we are very proud to have among our members, you make it brighter and alive :)

Excelente selección, son muy interesantes y tienen un gran aporte para la comunidad, sobran talentos que debemos estar atentos a tu información para no pasarlos por desapercibidos.

Saludos y éxitos!


Thank you for your beautiful comment, I believe on and off we need to bring them up so that other people find them :)


Es necesario, no hay dudas.


Congratulations to all the artist! Really nice selection.💜

Excelente selección, son muy bonitas obras

No me había podido pasar todavía por aquí. Es increíble el nivel artístico que emana de esta comunidad y estoy muy agradecido de que se haya destacado mi obra junto a trabajos tan buenos. Es un orgullo para mí.


Hi Juan, I am really glad to have you in our Community and really enjoying your creative works. I am very grateful for sharing your works with World of Xpilar Community :)