WOX is not in the Steemit Community Support Program. - Recent technical issues -

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Hello my dear Steemians,



There are two topics we would like to bring up today:


  • 1 . WOX is not in the Steemit Community Support Program.

With this post just wanted to update the Community users about the latest news. You all know that “World of xpilar” was a part of the Steemit Community Support Program. Maybe many of you were aware about the @booming account support of WOX that we were able to nominate 5 user posts from WOX.

From August on the whole Support Program rules have been changed, the communities applied for new Program Support and so WOX made an application. Yesterday, there was a post by @steemitblog and it was announced the Communities that are selected, for those of you who are interested here is the link:




You will also learn from that post that @art-venture project that is supporting Visual Art has opportunity to keep nominating Visual Art users for @booming support but only 3 user a day.

We still hope that we will receive an opportunity to be chosen as next month Community for Support Program.




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  • 2 . Unstable Steemit Program




I would like to ask the guys who are expert in IT and programming: @steemchiller, @justy, @etainclub the Steemit Team @steemitblog:

We are facing recently some issues with the Steemit website, it takes much longer to load the site and often it shows an error and can’t find the site. To tell the truth it is really time consuming and so annoying is the problem with the Steemit program.







Often when we log into our community page there is also appearing such errors. It makes our activity as curators difficult and often we miss good posts too.

Would you please clarify if such problems are addressed and if someone is working on improving them. Otherwise, once it is broken then all the work that invest in our blogging, our free time is just complete waste.



@stef1 and @myskye



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CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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Gracias por abordar estos temas @stef1, gracias por informarnos. Bueno seguiremos adelante, con la esperanza de que para el próximo mes nominen a esta comunidad que le esta dando un gran aporte a Steemit.
El segundo punto, también es importante, porque hay que llenarse de paciencia para que entre Steemit y podamos realizar el trabajo. Yo tengo días que cuando abro el perfil me sale ese error. Espero se solucione pronto por el bien de todos.Gracias, saludos.


Thank you @mirla33 yes, we should not lose our hope, earlier or later we may got through and be selected. Last couple of days system seems working better, at least we have no problem :)

Я тоже заметил сайт работает не так как хотелось бы


Это отнимает много времени и нервов :)


+1, имею те же проблемы с сайтом. бесконечные нажимания F5 добавляются между мной и загруженной страницей. активность снижается, эффективность и полезное время, проведенное на блокчейне за просмотром ленты и комментированием, - тоже.

WOX is not in the Steemit Community Support Program.

Sad. What requirements doesn't WoX meet?

Congratulations to @art-venture project, well done!


It depends on the Steemit team they chose who they want. You may find that post informative :


I thought I was the only one facing this issue, hope it is fixed asap the thing is really frustrating ☹️😣


Yes, it is happening with the whole system and does not depend on our PC's hope the developers will pay attention to that :)

Hello dear friend @stef1 good morning
It is surely a mistake that they are not in the support program, the work they do is excellent.
I thought it was just me who had a connection problem on my page, it is almost impossible to work, you cannot vote and comment on the contents, everything costs more than double the time, and it is what there is not at the moment
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day


The whole process of selection is like a lottery, one may have luck this time and another next time. We will see. As tot eh sites, sometimes I even think that it might get off and stay off for longer time, who knows?

The F5 button solves the problem of loading the site, although it is inconvenient.

Losing the support of our community from Steemit is not good news. But this is not fatal for an independent community. Some users will look for SK01 in other communities, this is obvious, but I don't think our community will lose much. Any process has its positive sides and we will find them.


I have never tried F5, we will see next time. I agree, loosing the support is not pleasant but we all knew that it is not forever. I just wanted that our user know what is happening and not wonder why they do not get any "booming" support.


I agree that people should know the real state of affairs.

I get an error message when loading a site. This has happened before. I usually do page refresh via F5 and it works.


no, not completely, and it is not a solution. it is a 'костыль'


На системном уровне да, не решение, но хоть что-то.

Actually, i have experienced this issue more than but the first time was scary because i thought the site has been hacked or something. So please you guys need to look into this


I believe it is now better at least at our side :)

i'm not sure but it is because of rpc servers which are not stable these days. i will look into this issue.


It feels like there perhaps needs to be some maintenance done. Would be really great if you could find out what the problem is. Thank you for taking your time and reading the post :)

This is quite sad and I have been wondering why posts and not getting the rewards they deserve. Now I understand why and about the steem lagging, I faced the same problem and I thought it was from my network. I hope this is resolved on time. We will stay strong with the community for I believe we will rise


Yes, it is really noticeable that we lost @booming support, it was a luxury for last few months.We definitely try another month :)

I also really hope that next month WOX will be elected.
Here there is also a problem when opening steemit, it takes a long time for us to see.
Thanks for telling about this @stef1.


Luckily the Steemit seems to be working better now and hope for September for our month :)


I really hope so too.



Thank you :)

Terimakasih infonya atas issue yang terjadi
Saya harap WOX next akan terpilih lagi


We wanted people know why there is no booming support and that it is not our decision. But we never lose our hope :)

Thats a real pity about the support program and WOX community, but hopefully its back in next month. You're definitely right about the website running slow too. I thought it was just my connection at first but its definitely something changing with the site. Saying that it seems slightly better the last few days so hopefully somebody found the problem.


We are the largest community and definitely support for so many users is beneficial. We were able to cheer up many users during last couple of months :)


You certainly did, myself included. The awesome work is very very much appreciated!!

I read this news with a sad scratching feeling in the heart. It is surely a mistake that WoX with all the activity of its curators and number of challenges was excluded from the program, heh. We need not a blind lottery-based decisions in this important question...


It is difficult to know what guided the people when they did selection perhaps they chose smaller and unknown communities who knows. Agree, they should have looked at the activity of community and what is happening inside and not just picked up 6 from more than 60 communities. We will hope for September :)