Preparing the Camera

Before going to look for posting material, in the form of insects, flowers and others, which I can find, I first prepare, camera equipment. so that when I find an object that I photograph, I can immediately take pictures with the camera that I carry.



A very hot day, I did not find other types of insects, but ... I only found a type of grasshopper, which you will see below.

locusts that you see, including the type of leaf pests, which can make your plants, become a meal of this insect food, especially if your plant type, you do not care.


very hot sun

the sun is very hot, I get some light, which illuminates when I photograph this grasshopper, the heat of the sun ... not an obstacle for me, while looking for the types of insects that are around the grass and leaves.

This grasshopper, has a brown color, a little darker, if we see it in the picture.


while taking this grasshopper photo, my presence was already known, because of the black object that was pointing to his face, but this type, not yet flying, was still above the leaf.


although my whereabouts are known to me, but I still take pictures, continuously. these insects only carry out body conditioning, and move slowly, to the other side of the leaf.


the most important thing here is, we should not make this type of grasshopper shocked, while around him, jedi ... if the grasshopper is surprised, we only get a few pictures, before this grasshopper flies.


this is what I can say, I hope your plants at home, always in care, because, this type of grasshopper, very like, eat the side of the leaf, as food. to survive.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Information and Community Steem

LocationSp. Kramat Forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens Camera Modif18-55mm
Photographer by@sultan-aceh

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thank you so much

I have never seen a better photographer than you in my life. You make great pictures. Your image has natural beauty.


thank you so much

Fighter Grasshopper


thank you so much

  ·  작년

I've seen this specie here in Nigeria.
Very smart especially when the weather is hot


thank you so much

  ·  작년

You are welcome

Good advice to have the camera ready.
I never do, I think I'll take it into account.
Go to a safe place. And take out the phone and have it ready.
Good lighting in your photos.
Resteemed to my friends.


thank you so much

Brelent idea


thank you so much

Grassh Poding insect..common ome

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thank you so much