Mantis greens



Mantis greens

today, I want to show, the type of grasshopper that is very different from the type of grasshopper you have seen in, my blog post, the type of grasshopper that you will see, often we refer to in Aceh, is sentadu grasshopper.
This sentadu grasshopper, in breeding, often looks for a place among the bushes with many dry leaves, this is where many types of sentadu grasshoppers breed.

because on these dry leaves, you will get two changes in temperature conditions, namely heat and cold, for example:

  • if the weather conditions are hot, then the dried leaves will give off cold temperatures.

  • if the weather conditions are cold, the dry leaves will emit hot temperatures.

thus I have noticed, in breeding this type of grasshopper sentadu.

The type of sentadu grasshopper that I get, has a green color, which is very shiny on the head and eyes, but on my part, this type, has a slightly faded color.

like what kind of grasshopper I get, let's look together below:


Mantis greens


Mantis greens


Mantis greens

some pictures above, you can see, I photograph this type of grasshopper sentadu, from above, so you can recognize this type, if you get in the forest.

although this type of grasshopper, is not venomous, but we still have to be alert, to avoid disease.


Mantis greens


Mantis greens


Mantis greens


Mantis greens


Mantis greens

Likewise with the picture above, I aim right at some parts of the eye, so you can see it. the results of the pictures that I photograph using a macro lens.


Mantis greens


Mantis greens


Mantis greens

in the picture above, you can see, if I haven't aligned the macro lens, with a closer distance, the results will be like some of the images above.

those are some appearance images of mantis grasshopper, which I got, in the forest in Aceh, hopefully useful because you have seen and recognized the type of sentadu grasshopper.

I thank you, all of you, who have seen and read, on my blog post.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

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TypeMantis greens
Location PhotoForest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraMacro

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whoa..krak barang! :-D

So wanderful, green leaf green insect

Darut sendatu, cukop ubeut jenis darut jenis nyan. Tapi Saya dapat melihatnya dengan jelas dan detil dari keseluruhan bentuk darut sendatu. Tampilannya pih cukop menarik, dari warna tubuh dan juga sayap.

what a good eye to photograph insects @sultan-aceh