Wild Flowers "Purple and Pink Colour" | Benefits

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Wild Flowers "Purple and Pink Colour"

Today, I will show again, the types of wildflowers and their benefits, which you can use to eradicate cat and hair fleas, namely the types of wildflowers, which have purple and pink colors, as below of course.

This type of wild flower is only visible during the rainy season, and in areas that have soil content, which is moist or wet, so this type of flower looks lush and beautiful, with a very bright color.

Indeed, currently in Aceh, it is facing a prolonged rainy season, from morning to night, until it does not stop all day long, so the kind of flowers you will see, in my blog post today.

let us look at it below:


Wild Flowers "Purple and Pink Colour"


Wild Flowers "Purple and Pink Colour"


Wild Flowers "Purple and Pink Colour"


Wild Flowers "Purple and Pink Colour"


Wild Flowers "Purple and Pink Colour"


Wild Flowers "Purple and Pink Colour"


after you see the types of wild flowers above, then below are some of the benefits of this type of flower:

  • get rid of cat fleas
  • get rid of head lice
  • get rid of fleas on the board

in a way :

  • Mix these leaves with enough water, then, squeeze the leaves of this wild tree in water, filter it, and bathe your cat, it's better in the morning "Cat hair can dry as soon as possible"

may be useful

I hope you like it there, don't forget, smile for your family.

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

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Hilsen @sultan-aceh




PhotographyWild Flowers
Location PhotoWild Flowers Aceh Forest
Camera usedHandphone


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Luar biasa, bunga ini terlihat unik dan
indah, terutama pada bagian sisi ujung bunga yang tampak berkilau. Kemudian pada bagian tengahnya sedikit mirip ulat bulu. Variasi warna yang bagus tanpa menghilangkan ciri natural dari bunga tersebut.

Tangkapan yang keren bang, saya merasa senang saat melihatnya.


Thank you so much


Greetings @sultan-aceh… Nature is quite creative when creating shapes and colors.


Thank you so much

Es una flor super extraña, por aquí nunca he visto una, ni siquiera una que sea similar.

Me encanta el color es muy sutil. Similar al de las orquídeas.

¿Sus propiedades servirán para sacar las pulgas de los perros?

Saludos Cordiales.

#onepercent #venezuela #affable


yes @mariana4ve
This is a type of rainy season wildflower
right .. I have tried many times ... but I haven't posted a picture of my cat

Hola @sultan-aceh, es una Flor muy hermosa y rara imagino son únicas de ese bosque.
Hello @sultan-aceh, it is a very beautiful and rare flower, I imagine they are unique to that forest.