Effect of Social Culture on the Education System

The world of education is practically inseparable from cultural values. In preserving and preserving one's own culture, the process of transferring it is most effective by means of the education system. Both are very closely related because they complement and support each other.

Along with the progress of time, the traditions and culture of the region which was originally held firmly, maintained and maintained its existence by each tribe is now almost extinct. In general, people feel proud and ashamed if they still maintain and use local culture or regional culture.

Most people choose to display using modern art rather than culture originating from their own area, which is actually the local culture or local culture that is very in accordance with the national personality.

The purpose of education is to preserve and always, improve the culture itself, with education we can transfer the culture itself from generation to the next generation, and also we as a society aspire to create a better society and culture going forward, then our education will naturally even better.

Culture as a result of human mind, in this case various forms and manifestations, is known throughout history and as a human property that is not rigid, but always develops and changes, fostering people to adapt to cultural changes and the challenges of the traditional age to enter the modern age.

Culture is a human work which includes philosophy, art, literature, religion, interpretation, and assessment of the environment. In a simple and general sense the meaning of education is as a human effort to grow and develop the potential possessed in accordance with the values that exist in society.

Education is an activity carried out by educators and philosophers to explain, harmonize, criticize and change the educational process with cultural issues and conflicting elements in it. Viewed from an individual's point of view, education is an attempt to weigh and connect individual potential.

As for the social point of view, education is an attempt to inherit cultural values from the older generation to the younger generation, so that these cultural values are maintained. So it is clear that education and culture are very closely related because both are sustainable, both of them support one another.

In this context it can be seen the relationship between education and cultural traditions and the personality of a society no matter how simple the community is. It can be seen that tradition as a cultural content is always preserved in every society, from generation to generation.

This relationship will certainly only be possible if the supporters of these values write to the younger generation as the next generation. The most effective transfer of cultural values possessed is the educational process. In modern society the educational process is based on an educational program based on a formal education program.

So it is very clear that culture is closely related to the way of life of a community or nation respectively, the two things can not be separated because they need each other.

From an individual's point of view, education is an effort to develop individual potential, on the contrary, from the point of view of social education, it is a cultural inheritance. In this view, education develops two main tasks, namely the promotion and preservation of culture.

Humans as cultured creatures are essentially creators of culture itself. The culture then increases in line with the increased potential of the human creator of that culture. Between education and culture there is a close relationship with regard to values.

According to Tylor three kinds of understanding have been established namely human, community, culture as dimensions of the same thing.1

Education is inseparable from culture and is only done in one society, culture has three important elements namely as a life order, as a process, and culture has a certain vision.

Education is associated with the process of civilization and civilization. It is impossible for culture to be developed without education and modernization is needed. Means education is a process that combines the concept of building a culture of humanity (a culture and civilized human being).

Thus it can be interpreted as a conscious and planned effort to realize the learning process and learning atmosphere so that students are actively educated to develop their potential.

So, it can be concluded that the education system is a strategy or way that will be used to carry out the teaching and learning process to achieve the goals so that these students can actively develop the potential within themselves that is needed by themselves and the community. As for Carter V. Good in Dictinary of education that education contains:

  1. The process of developing one's skills in the form of attitudes and behavior that prevails in society
  2. Social processes where a person is influenced by a guided environment so that he can achieve social skills and develop his personality.

Meanwhile, according to the concept put forward by Freeman Butt in his famous book Cultural History of Western Education that education is an activity of receiving and providing knowledge so that social culture can be passed on to the next generation. 2

Regarding education and philosophies to explain the educational process, harmonize, criticize and change it based on issues of cultural contradiction.

Education function

According to Horton and Hunt, educational institutions are related to the following manifest functions: Preparing community members to earn a living, developing individual talents for personal satisfaction and community interests, maintain culture Embedding the skills necessary for participation in democracy.

According to David Popenoe, there are four functions of education as follows: Transmission (transfer) of culture; Choose and teach social roles; Guaranteeing social integration; The school teaches personality styles; Source of social

Educational purpose

Educational objectives must contain the following three dignity:

  1. Autonomy that provides awareness, knowledge, and ability to individuals and groups to be able to live independently and live together in a better life.
  2. Equity (justice) which means that the purpose of education must provide an opportunity for all people to be able to participate in cultural life and economic life by providing the same basic education.
  3. Survival which means that with education will guarantee cultural inheritance from one generation to the next.

With the three values above, education develops the task of producing good generations, people who are more cultured, and humans as individuals have better personalities.

Social culture is a behavior between people in the middle of society, which is suspected as a habit that is developed both ritually and intellectually by the dominant social groups of the community.

Social culture is very abstract, complex and broad, but the implications are very concrete. Social culture will manifest in the behavior of individuals, groups and society as a whole.

Education as a process is an interaction between educators and students in a society, education is the process of sowing the seeds of culture in human civilization that lives with the values and visions that develop in society.

Culture is a process, which means it is always in a mode of transformation. Culture that does not undergo transformation is a dead culture. Aceh culture underwent a transformation due to the influence of Hindu, Islamic, and Western cultures.

This culture has succeeded in building Aceh society and nation today. Culture is formed from complicated elements including religious and political systems, customs, language, clothing, buildings, works of art. Language also includes culture which is an inseparable part of human beings so many people tend to think of it as being inherited genetically.

When someone communicates with people of different cultures and adjusts the difference, it proves that the culture is learned. Culture is one of the overall patterns of life. Culture can be divided into two between culture (culture) with civilization or civilization. Culture as a culture is a society or a nation, while in civilization is directed at modern society that is the life of people characterized by the advancement of science, technology, and enhancement of human values (humanization)

Social cultural system

Socio-cultural system is a totality of values, social order, and human behavior, which is manifested in the worldview, philosophy of the State in various aspects of community life, nation and state that underlies the existing patterns of behavior and social structure.

As a totality, value order and human behavior in society, of course we can take the meaning that this system will work because of a philosophy that underlies all Aceh human behavior, in this case the Pancasila philosophy which is manifested in daily life.

In a social cultural system will not be separated from the principles that build this system. The socio-cultural principles include: The principle of trust in an almighty God; The principle of independence; The principle of unity and unity; The principle of popular sovereignty; The principle of fair and prosperous.

In a social and cultural setting has many important functions in life:
Function in the family: as an effort to educate the nation's generation to be fully human. Function in society: to become a social organization that functions to cadre Aceh people into harmonious society.

Socio-cultural example: We can see from the behavior of Aceh people who still uphold noble values such as living in harmony, mutual respect, mutual cooperation, mental behavior of the knight, carrying out deliberations to reach consensus on various occasions and living life with the principle of prasajaa or simple life . These examples show how the social culture of the Aceh people should be.


Culture with close education are both mutually sustainable and cannot be separated because of mutual and needy from one another. Seeing the relationship between education and culture. Culture will be preserved in every life, of course, this will only be possible if the younger generation wants to become the next generation.

Transfer of cultural values or the most effective way of transferring cultural values is by means of the educational process because the two are very closely related.

Education should be in line with the culture prevailing in a country, for example education in Indonesia must reflect the culture prevailing in Indonesia or education that is characterized by Aceh culture.

Because education and culture are two things that are interrelated with one another, and finally if education that reflects the culture of the nation will be realized a generation of nation that has an identity that reflects the people with a nationalist spirit that is based.


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