Joking despite loosing fund makes cryptocurrency fun ๐Ÿ˜‚

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One thing that I love about cryptocurrency is the cruise aspect of it. We joke with everything that we sees here and if you are too serious with things please look into another project. I introduced somebody into cryptocurrency and after some dip he was getting furious, he went into twitter and saw alot of cryptocurrency peeps joking with what is happening and how they are happily loosing fund, he came back to chat me and asked me if this is how we behaved. I said yes, this is cryptocurrency we are fun and good looking people. Because we joke a lot doesn't mean that we are not serious people. We have billionaires in our midst so cryptocurrency is a very big project that is worth embracing.

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While we were joking with what is happening currently, I will use this avenue to say that for those who haven't keyed into cryptocurrency this is an avenue to do so. But first of all let me state this clear, remember that this is not a financial advice, any decisions that you make you shall be held accountable for it. But don't allows this to scare you off, keying into cryptocurrency by this time and base on this current drop is a very good and strategic opportunity. It hardly comes but when it does it adds more advantage to you who took the risk.

To me I see this bear market as an added advantage to buys the dip. I know that many people might complain about buying simply because we were taken unaware by this dip as many of us never saw it coming. But well, that is normal, we all can't get it right all the time so things like this is bound to happen. But since it has happened, instead of complaining we just need to keep pushing and grinding. This in a long run will out turn the story for us. Remember that cryptocurrency has the bull and bear and remembers that everything that goes up will surely comes down and everything that comes down will surely goes up, with this in mind we should knows that the dip won't stay for life time, there is bound for things to bounce back up once again.

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With what I said above, if you have the money to buy cryptocurrency, make sure that you study that project, before doing so. Look for good project and invest into it. This will aid you when things started out turning, you will see that those token you bought cheaply might end up changing your life. Don't just buy, make sure that when you have bought during the dip, you should be able to hold till there is bull season before you sell. Make sure you are prepared for this before you start to buy those cryptocurrency tokens.

My advice is that those into cryptocurrency who have been dealing with cryptocurrency for a very long time now knows how we have been dealing with cryptocurrency, so dip like this is not new to us. We all knows what happened during the 2017 dip, it wasn't easy because it lasted for years but despite that we scaled through and that is what matters. So everything that goes up will surely comes down and what comes down will surely goes up.

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Despite the joke, all that you should know is that we are serious people in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We just can't be dwelling and thinking of what we are loosing, such habit can cause issues with our health. This is the more reason that we are happy all the time. Cryptocurrency is all about fun and enjoyment, so laugh and enjoy your moment.

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  • If you love my post, feel free to comment and also support me, it will help to get me motivated. Remain bless as you read the post. Thanks

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