Close shot on beauty of flowers

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The tree is the oldest child of the world. The greed of modern people is pushing the tree into the face of death. The first birth of a man under the tree's shadow But we are killing the tree by which we get the helplessness to live.

We need trees to survive. If the earth is ever destroyed by trees, then humans can not survive on earth. It is said that this tree has saved our lives. By the tree that we accept oxygen for our life. We leave the carbon dioxide and we're benefiting from the plant. So, the tree's role in every case of life is unmatched. So we should plant trees. Our work to keep our environment healthy.

However, to keep the environment of the environment to plant different types of trees. Because the people of one type of trees.One is benefiting one.

Today I will ask to plant flowers in different trees. Because, besides protecting from our disease, flower trees need to be decorated in our various forms of worship, friendship, and even the environment of the home environment. Flowers are involved in human life. There is no pair of trees to maintain aesthetic beauty
. All trees in the house along with flower trees. Then it will be amazing to everyone.

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