a little story of the performance of the fishermen

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I tried writing through steemit.com. but it can't be opened. have repeatedly tried but still cannot be opened. today I talk about the performance of the fishermen.

Fishermen are people who live off the livelihoods of marine products, in other words those who search for fish as their livelihood.
In Indonesia, fishermen usually live in coastal areas and a small portion live in urban areas.

Do you know what can be a good example of a fisherman?
In my opinion, the fishermen are a community that helps each other. The need for mutual assistance is very important when dealing with situations that require large costs and a lot of energy such as when sailing.

Most of them work as fishermen is a profession handed down by parents. Not what is learned professionally.
What I know is that there are two categories of fishermen, namely modern fishermen and traditional fishermen. Modern fishermen use fishing technology that is more sophisticated than traditional fishermen.

besides they are extraordinary people. dare to face big waves and strong winds. They are an example for the struggle of life. they take a big risk to support the family's needs. even that is very dangerous for their lives.

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thank you for sharing the photos and info with us