Will Bitcoin Cross $40k This Week?



Funny it wasn't that long ago I was posting that BTC might hit a NEW all time high at $40,000 and we did. Then we fell back down. I've been thinking if we stayed about $30,000 we would be fine.

Seem on this Sunday evening BTC is moving again. Here we are trying $40,0000 again, and I sure hope we make it.


On the other hand STEEM is trading mostly sideways, but SBD saw some action today, so if it pumps again, I would predict new highs for Steem also.


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Cat said it will pass 40K this week - case closed



In Smudge we trust!

In going to take a flyer and suggest that the El Salvador thing distracted a LOT of people from the FUD by suddenly being a piece of groundbreaking news in the middle of all the crapulence. I would say it's even possible we'll see $45K before the end of June.

Steem seems overdue for one of its spiky upticks... but it may not happen until BTC starts going sideways at a higher level. That seems to be a common sequence of events... but I'm no technician.

I see very well the behavior of the BTC in the last hours, I hope it continues its course.

I believe that if it exceeds 40K, friend @whatsup.

Definitely BTC will pass $40,000 this week and it will hit all time high $80,000 very soon.

Hopefully BTC will pass $40,000 this week and and it has a chance of going above the maximum. And the way sbd and steam are declining now, even if you are disappointed, you will get good results for a while.

Hii sir 😊
Good luck @whatsup
Selamat malam semoga sehat selalu pak 🎉

It's about time Cryptos set on the bullish paths once again. I have a strong conviction BTC will crossover the 40K mark, and SBD as well as Steem will record significant gains.

It has already pass $40,000. Now bitcoin price is $40,712. I think btc will make us surprised this time.

Seem on this Sunday evening BTC is moving again. Here we are trying $40,0000 again, and I sure hope we make it.

I hope too 😉

I hope BTC cross the $40k this week.I hope sbd will return to its previous place. If this bull run continue then there is a possibility of hitting a new all time high. But price of steem is a place if concern for all of us.

It is likly going to get above that this week.