Balanced Living: Frustration — Learn to Respond, Rather Than REACT!

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None of us get through life without occasionally growing frustrated and annoyed with this or that. Except for the few who have the patience and compassion of saints, that's only a natural part of being human.

However, whereas frustration in life may be inevitable, we do have a choice as to what we do when that frustration arises.


Whereas it may be tempting, the frequently used "lashing out in anger" seldom results in any kind of peaceful resolution to an issue... and in many cases, only makes things worse.

If you're old enough, you may have had parents who advised you to "count to ten" when you felt like you were about to lose your temper... which was the typical remedy in the days before pop psychology.

In essence, the modern day advice to learn to respond to situations rather than react to them is just an updated variation on this. The underlying principle is that we try to "step back" from our immediate emotions and just observe what we're feeling, rather than acting on that.

Not suggesting that you shouldn't feel angry, just that you take a moment to ask yourself "WHY does this situation make me feel so angry I want to lash out and hurt someone?"


The interesting thing is, a lot of the time the instant flash of anger we feel has little to do with the actual situation in front of us, and a lot to do with "reacting to a memory." Perhaps the way our co-worker suddenly "appears" in our office is really a reflection/mirror of how our abusive mother would suddenly appear in our room, to snoop around.

Of course, sometimes, there really is a problem at hand... but even then, pausing for a few seconds might prevent an outburst we'll regret later.

Remember, it's always better to respond to a challenging situation than react to it!

Thanks for visiting, and Bright Blessings to all!

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Frustration is horrible feeling and it is true with the time when we get older we kind of learnt that it does not bring us forward to react immediately to something. I also remember when my parents saying sleep over and make decision in the morning. The things were looking much simpler then :)

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Sleep on it, is wise advice, especially when you have some large choice to make. I was often told to "count to 10!" when it seemed like I was about to explode over not very much. It worked pretty well!

Bright Blessings, and thank you for stopping by!

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