Departure From the Usual: Officiated at a Wedding, Today!


I feel like I should be apologizing for neglecting this blog for a few days, but sometimes we get so busy with "the stuff of life" that we have to set priorities.

After all, a person does have to sleep!

Aside from my spiritual and counseling work, I am also an ordained minister, and today I performed a wedding for a young couple who are "friends of friends."

The scene of today's event

For obvious reasons, it has been a long time since I was last asked to do this... in fact, several years.

This particular happy event came to pass because it was very local — an outdoor ceremony in garden by a house only about a two minute walk from here.

Of course the effect of lockdowns can still be felt... the wedding party consisted of a total of just seven people, including the bride, groom and myself.


On some level, it feels like life is moving forward, but clearly we are nowhere near returned to "normal," or any semblance thereof... and I have my doubts that there even will be anything like the old normal.

Still, it was encouraging and refreshing to help these two young people take a step forward in a world that feels very tightly controlled and stifling to so many!

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings to all!

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It is nice to hear that such event like wedding can take place. One of my co-worker’s children had planned their weeding last year but it was cancelled due to lockdown, they are planning for later summer and September. I hope the couple was happy even for such little ceremony.

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They were very happy @stef1, even though it was a "big step" in their lives it represented a small slice of normality.

Also they had been waiting a log time for this date: April 3, 21... or "4-3-2-1." It was very sweet!

Thanks for the community support nomination, I appreciate it!

Bright Blessings!


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Well @stepshotfoto, from the looks of the powerdown and then stop on your account, I suppose your account was hacked and misused. I'm glad you got control of it again.

Best regards to you!


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