Living a Meaningful Life: The Importance of Sacred Spaces

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Do you have a personal sacred space?

Regardless of what kind of religious or spiritual practice you may have, dedicating a spot in your home to your practice is an important honoring of the divine; that which is outside ourselves.


I'm not necessarily talking about a formal shrine or altar here... simply a place of "importance" for things that are special or meaningful to us.

What kind of things?

It might be a rock you picked up on the day when you first met your spouse or partner. Maybe you have a favorite item given to you by a grandparent, when you were a kid. Maybe it's some kind of personal talisman, or maybe all of the above and more.

The point here is that these are our own personal objects of meaning, and they deserve better than to rattle around in your sock drawer!


Spiritual practices tend to be very individual things, and for many people, spirituality isn't something that has to be taken exclusively to a formal place of worship, like a church or a mosque.

In a sense, those represent our public relationship with the divine, but we also have a private relationship that is purely between us and whatever it is we believe in.

As a minister, I often end up talking to people who declare themselves "hardcore scientists and Atheists" but it soon ernough turns out that even they have important items in their lives, even if they don't ascribe a spiritual significance to them.

In the end, I'll just reiterate that this isn't about religion, it's about recognizing that something is important to you, and treating it accordingly.

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings to all!

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Hi @whitelightxpress, I believe as a child or a young teen, we might have such place to be in our world. I actually have not thought about it recently, maybe the life is too hectic and there is no time for relaxation and to have a minute for our internal peace. But I agree that is important to spare some time the life is too short to spend it just for our routine cycle of daily tasks :)

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Thanks for the kind comment @stef1! It's interesting how we often have "a secret place" when we are children; a place to keep particular things that mean something to us. It's also sad how many adults consider that "silly," even though they still have things they feel are deeply meaningful, from certain photographs, to a lock of fur from a beloved pet or whatever it might be. But you're right, we are often "too busy." It's one of the things I try to teach people... to take time, because life is actually terribly short!

Thanks, as always for your nomination!

Bright Blessings!