Living in Our Times: Being at Peace With Our Own Company!

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One of the things people have definitely had to adapt to over the past 12 months is not only spending a lot more time at home, but also spending a lot more time just with their own company.

That might not sound like a big deal for some people, but if you're used to having a fully booked social life going all the time it had undoubtedly been a considerable adjustment.


For some, it might have been downright unbearable.

I'm not just talking about the difference between being an introvert and an extravert, but about something deeper: The way many people use "staying busy socially" as a means to cover the fact that they really don't like to be alone with their thoughts.

I've seen this in some of my clients who discovered that without their usual busy other-people-centered lives they could no longer "run from themselves" and they faced the difficult challenge of having to actually face their own unresolved issues.

Because most of their usual "distractions" were no longer available.

We all have "stories" we tell ourselves and the greater world; sometimes they are stories that we are "perfectly OK," when we're not, but because we are always too busy we manage to not ever have to face the underlying issues head-on.


You might wonder why someone would have trouble "being alone with themselves."

Well, in many cases, people fabricate pretty elaborate facades of "having life under control" and being happy and successful at what they do. And — as long as they can keep running — they even start to believe their own stories. But when there is no place to keep running to — as might happen during a protracted lockdown — they struggle to face what has been a long-term self-deception.

Of course, we could discuss with such stories are actually harmful, and I can only offer that it ultimately comes down to various degrees of self-loathing, and that's not healthy.

There is no easy way "out;" the healing begins by simply acknowledging that you're not being authentic. From there, the way towards a more whole state of being is an individual one.

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings to all!

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Lock down showed let many discover their own personality and how they can cope. Maybe it is was a good "experiment" people appreciated the company of each other and their family life, be supportive. But on other hand we also feel that we are social species and to be long time isolated is not really good for mental health. Hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel :)

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On the balance, it has definitely been a growth experience for many people, even if it wasn't one we wanted. A lot of learning about ourselves isn't necessarily pleasant, but it can be healing and necessary.

Thanks for the nominations @stef1, I appreciate it!

Bright Blessings!