Mental Health: Better to Take the Day OFF Than to Work an Ill-Intentioned Day!

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Maybe it sounds obvious, but some days are better than others.

And on those days that are definitely not "better," it sometimes feels like we just can't get anything to work properly. And, in time, that starts to show up in the quality of our work... our frustrations; our rejections and whatever else is wreaking havoc on what might have started off as a good mood.


From time to time, the best thing we can do for ourselves is take a "Mental Health Day." It's something I often suggest to counseling clients who are struggling.

Again, this may sound obvious... but it's amazing and distressing how many people just labor on, even though they are angry and frustrated. But here's the thing.. if you're someone who has "clients," those clients deserve a better you than the you who's feeling fractious because everything seems to be going wrong. If you work a different type of job, your employer deserves something more than "angry work."

I've spent a lot of time in/around restaurants, and most places I have worked I was always very aware of not wanting to serve "angry food" to our guests.


I realize that most of us have been taught that we should just Plug on forward," even when we're having a bad day. Whereas that might be noble on some level, it's not necessarily the right thing to do.

Have you even been on the "receiving end" of someone in foodservice who was having a bad day? And perhaps even found yourself thinking something like "Wow! YOU should have stayed in bed today!"

Life is stressful enough, without us also trying to do our best with our work... when all we really want to do is be at home in bed with a good book and a hot cocoa.

Except maybe with the strictest of employers, taking an occasional day off when things seem to be going against you will not hurt your reputation and work record!

Thanks for reading and Bright Blessings to all!

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