What Will it REALLY Take to Create a Better World?

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We often talk about this idea of "making the world a better place" and "creating a better world," but what does that really mean?

I suppose people have some sort of image in their head when they set out to create a better world, and when they decide to follow someone else who claims to be making the world a better place.


But exactly what makes the world "better?" And better than what? And better for whom?

When we look around, it's easy to spot dozens of problems we could point to and say "If we fix THIS problem, the world will be a better place!"

Infant mortality.
Mental health.
Cures for illnesses.
Income inequality.

We could easily make a very long list!


People look at the world's problems and very easily become overwhelmed and dejected... feeling like there's really nothing that will make a difference, anyway... especially when we see ourselves as tiny individuals, in the face of huge problems.

The trap we tend to fall into is the belief that we have to undertake — and succeed at — something HUGE in order to make the world a better place. But we don't!

If you make even one person's life better today, you have contributed towards making the world a better place! Even if all you did was offer to do your neighbor's grocery shopping because they have a leg injury... you made the world a better place!

We lose sight of the fact that little things matter. Small kindnesses matter. Unexpected favors matter. Sending someone a card to cheer them up matters. Buying a "suspended" coffee at your local coffee shop matters.

The world isn't necessarily made better just by huge quantum leaps forward, but also by the millions of tiny grains of sand every individual has the potential to contribute.

Always remember: YOUR contribution matters!

Thanks for reading, and Bright Blessings to all!

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having a better world starts from the mind.. ones we have a healthy mindset then the world will be a better place