A new witness @xpilar.witness starts today

9개월 전

I started my journey here at Steem in July 2016, it is almost five years ago

During that time, I have met many people around the world who have become my friends here on this platform.

My experiences of Steem Blockchain and Steemit as a blog are mostly good. But many of us experienced terrible things after the split came with the Hive

The hatred from some people from Hive spammed us with ugly things in the comments section of our own blog page. I think many people remember this and that we could hardly read other people's comments, was overflowing with spam
People with such behavior can not be tolerated

The Steemit Team did a great job and cleaned it up
I was one of those who fought for our platform to survive after the split with Hive and many of my good friends are still here on our great platform Steem Blockchain

In February 2020, the World of Xpilar community was formed after several requests from my friends to have their own community where we could post and share posts about art, photography, travel letters and create competitions. Interest in it was well received and the World of Xpilar community grew fast

At the time of writing, the World of Xpilar community has 9,300 members from around the world and 150 posts are posted every day


With such a large activity to manage a local community, it can not be done without having a good team.

Here I would like to say a big thank you to my excellent moderators who put in many hours every day
@mister-omortson @art-venture @stef1 @myskye @sultan-aceh
@franyeligonzalez @leveuf @axeman @xpilar @bambuka @adeljose

I want to contribute even more and I now want to announce that @xpilar.witness is mine and that I am running this witness

Voting for me:
https://steemit.com/~witnesses type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE


cc: @steemitblog @steemcurator01

What are Steem witnesses?

The Steem blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake, or DPOS. The community elects 'witnesses' to act as the network's block producers and governance body. There are 20 full-time witnesses, producing a block every 63-second round. A 21st position is shared by the backup witnesses, who are scheduled proportionally to the amount of stake-weighted community approval they have. Witnesses are compensated with Steem Power for each block they create.

Without witnesses, you would not have received rewards or been able to post. Witnesses are elected by us in the community and it is your duty to vote. Each Steem Blochain account can vote for 30 witnesses

Image search pixabay.com

@xpilar votes for:

@dev.supporters @ety001 @exnihilo.witness @fuli @hinomaru-jp @italygame @justyy @maiyude @marcosdk @newsteem.witness @nutbox @protoss20 @radiokorea @rnt1 @roadofrich @roundblocknew @smt-wherein @steem-agora @steem-supporter @steem.history @steemchiller @steemingcurators @symbionts @upvu

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Greetings friend @xpilar.

Excellent news, I know your commitment and love for the platform, I am sure that your work as a witness will be of utmost importance, you have my support, and my commitment to continue serving this beautiful community as is World Of Xpilar.


Best of success.


Thank you @adeljose for your kind words

Thank you for your voice to my witness

Congratulations @xpilar for this new facet as a witness, I hope you do an excellent job as you have done with WORLD OF XPILAR Community

I already gave you my vote to @xpilar.witness and I follow him on Steemit.



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @fuentesjo3006

congratulations, sir @xpilar, the long journey you've been through, from 2016 until you finally chose to be a witness, this is really great and I feel very happy to hear this, I also really support you to be a witness



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @adi.pisces


You're welcome, sir @xpilar

Yea saya senang karena sekarang komunitas world of xpilar telah memiliki saksi..,
Setelah membaca post dari leader @xpilar saya langsung menuju witness.
Semoga semakin maju..,
Hormat saya untuk komunitas world of xpilar


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @muftii


You're welcome, leader


Semoga sukses semua bagi pengguna Steemit. Amiinnn

Congratulations @xpilar! You have my support for sure, I am here since 2016 too and I know that you deserve it 😊


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @exanime15

Done @xpilar. Keep it up and congrats!



Thanks for your vote @natz04


Much welcome @xpilar

You have my vote @xpilar!

The fruits of your hard work will surely payoff... you have done an incredible job with this community and I am confident it will only grow more and more into the future.



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @alaeddin

Regards @xpilar 😊


Congratulations to you @xpilar
Already chosen
@sultan-aceh uses xpilar.witness as a voting proxy.

for your leadership as Admin, naturally, you become xpilar.witness, because the World of Xpilar community, now, already has 9,300 members from all over the world and 150 posts are posted every day.


congratulations to you one more time.
Greetings Moderator


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @sultan-aceh

And thank you for your delegation to @xpilar.witness


Congratulations to you @xpilar .I am very happy and happy and very proud to be a member of you.
Congratulations again to you, for being @xpilar.witness.



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @jasonmunapasee


Yes, thank you again for everything you have done to us @xpilar.
I can not reply to what you have given.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for you and all who have worked with you, including the person who helped us directly here with his energy and thoughts, namely @sultan-aceh.

full support for you @xpilar I am very happy with all of this and really support you



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @partner-macro

Congratulations to @xpilar, I hope that in every hard work you get satisfactory results, until this opportunity you have done an extraordinary job, I hope that in the future this community will continue to develop for the better.

I also don't forget to say that I have voted for you in the witness vote. namely @xpilar.witness



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @idayrus


Your welcome 🥰

Congratulations @xpilar the world needs people like you, I've chosen you as my witness on the steem platform. I even stepped up by choosing you as my proxy



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @owner99

congratulations to @xpilar who have witnessed this extraordinary work in the DUNIA XPILAR Community and I will always follow you success always


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @ummamah

we as players in the wordofxpilar community under the guidance of @sultan-aceh are very happy with the development of this community and congratulations to @xpilar success, hopefully what is expected will run smoothly


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @sa1photography

Knowing you for very long time I have no doubt that you are one of the very few user who will do everything to make sure that Steem is growing and prosper.

Of course, we have voted for you with our accounts. Great Initiative from your side, resteemed!


Thanks @stef1
I appreciate it

Congratulations to @xpilar and to everyone in the steemit community group or in the xpilar community



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @ammacrophoto

Congratulations @xpilar, I am very happy with this news, I hope this community will be even more superior.



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @adivender

congratulations to xpilar for being xpilar.witness. As the xpilar community, I am very proud of @xpilar's achievements Congratulations once again for the achievement. and I've chosen sir xpilar as a witness


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @syawalkoki

This is amazing, Congratulations to @xpilar, of course I will always support what you do.


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @lensa-macro


Your welcome.

congratulations Sir @xpilar, the struggle and journey that you have been through so far has made tremendous success in this steemit, until now you finally choose to be a witness, once again congratulations to you Sir @xpilar, I am @ajirsalem very fully support your struggle I hope this is su.


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @ajirsalem

Finally! :)


Yes:) thanks for your vote @axeman


Congratulations to you @xpilar on the new proxie that has been formed. As can be seen, I have also chosen you as my witness. Continue to be victorious for you and for this beloved @worldofxpilar community.


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @grisaia-steem

already done chief!


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @mister-omortson

I know that I have little time knowing you but I already feel you as a friend @xpilar, it will be a pleasure to vote for you as a witness



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @erickyoussif

Congrats for achieving this I voted you



thanks for your vote @bendany

Hello @xpilar my votes for you.



thanks for your vote @chibas.arkanghil

Wish you a best of luck for you and your community @xpilar , a small contribution through my vote has been given. Please check and confirm. Lot of love and best wishes.


thanks for your vote @sduttaskitchen
vote is registered :)

Congratulations to @xpilar for the title and trust that has been crowned, good luck always...



thanks for your vote @umar-k

Congratulations @xpilar for this new generation,
I hope you do a great job like you've done with the XPILAR WORLD Community.
And keep growing with a solid team

I've already cast my vote for @ xpilar.witness and I'm following him on Steemit.
And continue to stay here.

send regards for success


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @imrical


You're Welcome

Great news!!!
I have suggested you to a steem witness back then in 2017, but your response was that time will tell in the future; here comes the future; your commitment and your leader's deserved something great like this; I'm not surprised but I am happy that you a member to continue fight for the interest of Steem and its people at large.

You have my support already, I will also continue to tell other to vote a good leader you are...

Keep the good spirit Snr, @xpilar we are proud of you..




Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @davidad

I appreciate it


You are welcome!!

Hola amigo @xpilar, por supuesto que tienes mi voto.

sabes? Es bueno ver que haces todo por tratar que tanto la comunidad como la plataforma mejoren, cada vez somo más miembros y eso es fantastico, te deseo suerte en lo que estes haciendo.



Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @jlvillamizar


Querras decir leer jajaja saludos amigo

Congrats @xpilar. 😮😊


congratulations to @xpilar I am very happy to hear that our team is a witness, good luck to @xpilar and @ sultan-aceh. and all @xpilar followers.

Hi @xpilar, great news. I'm sure you will continue to do a great job and support many.
I have already voted for you as a Witness.


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @josevas217

Voted for you



thanks for your vote @rucoin

Go ahead successfully.

Congratulations @xpilar I am excited for you and grateful for your support to this community...you have my full support.


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @jhayss

Congratulations mr @xpilar, I hope you do an excellent job as you have done with WORLD OF XPILAR Community

I already gave you my vote to @xpilar.witness and I follow him on Steemit.




Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @ahmedyusuf


You're welcome, sir

Voted for you!


thanks for your vote @mrchef111


You are welcome!

Hello friend @xpilar I have supported you with my vote, I know you will do an excellent job as you do with our community. You are a great leader!


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @franyeligonzalez

Terimakasih informasi terbaik nya.. baru saja saya melakukan vote witness nya...


thanks for your vote @mc-jack

Xpilar thanks for your help in steem im vote for you.

Uploading image #1...


I have voted. Posting this here too :)

Screenshot_2021-05-05 Steemit Wallet.png


thank you @datych for your vote, it is very nice to see that I am now in place 57

Hola como esta, se el trabajo que usted realiza en la plataforma que es admirable y cuenta con un maravilloso equipo siempre dispuestos a brindar lo mejor para mejorar cada día a steemit, me encanta su comunidad y por eso participo constantemente y por el gran trabajo que usted realiza le brindo mi voto para que continúe siempre dando lo mejor por esta maravillosa familia de steemit.


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @rosanita

Good news! @xpilar


Hello, I'm ayogom running @rnt1 (@zzan.witnesses) witnesses
Welcome to a new witness. We will vote to you.


Hi @ayogom

I really appreciate you voting for me as a witness
With their voice I advanced many places
Thank you

I voted @xpilar. Thank you for your work for us and steem!


Nice to hear @always1success, thanks for your vote @xpilar.witness

Done @xpilar


Thank you too🙏



thanks for your vote @ultravioletmag


Nooo worries, i don't know too many people here who do you recommend as other votes? x

I would love to vote for your Witness ....

Done ....



thanks for your vote @offgridlife


You’re very welcome. How do I get the support of @xpilar on my blog posts ? I have tried posting in the @xpilar community but don’t seem to ever get any support ???


I flipped through your posts on the first page, but none that were posted in World of Xpilar
try again and we will find you


Here is my latest post .... digital painting with Autodesk Sketchbook app on my iPad....


Congratulations! Best of success to you!💕

i just gave you my witness vote. keep up the good work. :)


thanks for your vote @jaydih

축하합니다. 저도 스팀잇에서 간호사 커뮤니티를 꿈꿉니다.


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @cyberrn

축하드립니다 ^^ 💙 ♩♬♬

SPUD 힘나게 응원해주셔 고맙습니다 ^^ 💙

항상 행복한 💙 오늘 보내~! ^^
우리 스티미♨ 위로 가이원~! 힘차게~! 쭈욱~!


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @bluengel

Just finished unvoting a lot of now old "disabled" witnesses and added your witness @xpilar! Aside from you and @steemchiller, I don't really know a lot of the top 100 anymore, so I'll have to do some more research.

Thanks for all your community involvement!


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @cosmictriage

My voto😜
@xpilar Confío en tu trabajo y el gran trabajo que estás haciendo en la comunidad


Nice to hear, thanks for your vote @claucor20


the xpilar.witness community has my vote and we are going for much more, Love and Peace

Congratulations @xpilar as a witness, I hope you do an excellent job as you have done with the WORLD OF XPILAR Community

I have given my vote to @xpilar.witness.



Thnx you

That's a wonderful step for you. How exciting. Good luck.

Thank you very much for your support
regards @xpilar

Tienes mi apoyo @xpilar, me gusta esta comunidad y hacen buen trabajo.


Amazing !! You have my full support and i hope you get to the consensus as soon as possible . you have been doing amazing job here at steem and you deserve that witness vote


Thanks @steem-supporter

It's great to hear you give me your full support, appreciate it