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Now you can easily exchange steem/SBD to USDT/TRON-TRC20
with the new service @steem2usdt from witness @justyy


Transfer to Account nummer 2.jpg

confirm transfer.jpg

din tron wallet adresse nummer 2.jpg

overføringer fra steem2usdt.jpg

Don't have a USDT/TRON-TRC20 account in your tron wallet?
Log in to your tron wallet and create an account

tron wallet.jpg

USDT tron wallet.jpg

STEEM-SBD-USDT Swap Service Status

steem sbd prøve veksle.jpg

I would like to thank witness @justyy
who has made this service possible for us



Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE


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Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

hello xpilar,

glad to hear this information, as from yesterday's experience, aceh-team members, want to exchange STEEM-SBD to TRX, it can't be done at "POLONIEX".

hopefully it can be done this way. in the future.



Thank you for your suggestion.

This is a great news for the community. I think I should try it out.

Nice one and thanks to @justyy for @steem2usdt

Very interesting, very quick way!

@xpilar and @justyy can I also convert USDT to steem or SBD or is it just a one way transaction thank you for the awesome project.


Hello, currently , it is just one way STEEM/SBD to USDT. But in the future, I might also add the USDT to STEEM.


Ok sir, we will we love to see that update
Thanks for your tech, I just made a post on it check and see if all I wrote about it is correct, thanks for your awesome idea


To get more volume it may be in your best interest to do USDT -> STEEM, although it may not be common for people to go from USDT to STEEM, at least you'll have that option available and have a little extra time to add liquidity if need be.

It is a good initiative for general user. I like it.

Thanks for this information @xpilar, it is a very good service for users who want to convert steem/sbd to usdt TRC-20 on Tron under the amounts of 1000 USDT. 👍

It is really convenient and I hope that the service will have more improvement in the future with its soon-to-be features. 😉