Who has access to your account, has it been hacked?


How often does this happen without being noticed?

There are many dormant accounts on the Steem Blockchain. Several of them also have floating steem on their wallet. They will not notice that someone is stealing their steem or that someone has started a power down.

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Now there is a new account on steem @socialbomber created 4 days ago that steals from others


Some of them have already discovered that they are being stolen from, but there are also sleeping accounts there. Several of the accounts also have a power down. I list all the accounts here

@fanhim @pulleyhead @coolarth @theoutspokenking @spykakos @desmonddesk @farhanali

I also want to include a topic I have talked about before that is important

"Can anyone steal upvote from you?"

The answer is yes.

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Keys dont matter anything if you have given access to posting to any app
it will still continue to works as posting auth (not the keys but the access token ) , unless you revoke access

https://steemd.com/@ username, you will find the list of apps you have authorized.
Time to revoke some of them


@steem-supporter has previously set up links for us where we can revoke some of them


basically when you change keys the keys are changed and people cannot access the account without having a new updated keys ,

But when you authorize an app to do posting operations (post, comment , vote , downvote) , you also give an access token to the app (previously via steemconnetct and now via steemlogn) , which the app owner can use no matter you changed your keys or not until you revoke the app.

for example i own steemauto.app and all steemauto services votes , posts are boradcasted using a wif of account steemauto.app , combining with the access token we get from steemlogin , so you are not yet secured , so revoke all access to apps you stopped using or are no more oeprating on steem (like previous steemauto) , these maybe dangerous as they can abuse the chain .


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Esta información es muy importante, pero como nos damos cuenta. Como saber si esto esta ocurriendo. o solo lo hacen a cuentas pasivas.


Hi @sharifanamin
This time, both passive and active accounts have been affected.
Everyone must have their keys safe.
Also keep an eye on your steemwallet.
One good thing is to use steemworld

If someone takes a power down on your wallet, you will be notified when you open steemworld



Okey estare pendiente. gracias por la información

This is very useful for beginners in Steemit because there are so many who don't pay attention to security and also the main password. and now there are also many phishing or spam trying to hack their accounts so we must always teach beginners at steemit to keep their main keys secret and be careful of clicking on links they don't recognize


Hi @imamalkimas

Yes, we need to inform, there are many new users who should be aware of this


Yes, you are right. and I will also try to remember for new users on Steemit to better understand and be smarter in making posts and also maintaining the security of their own accounts

So, you think may be any dapp compromises. Did you noticed one thing, it has take all sleeping accounts earning except one active account.
@farhanali first inform with his post that his wallet has been robbed. He is an active member in steemit.

Is that warning from some group ?


Hi @tarpan

Yes, it can be, have experienced it before.
I have my suspicions but must have direct evidence first


Yea, without evidence we can't be assure.

OMg they could be using many of the accounts Steem who are holding steem for higher rate. Its seriously is very Alarming situation.

Thanku @xpilar for mentioning those people who could get in trouble and also telling us how to revoke those apps that we have given permissions to.


Hi @hassanabid

Yes, it's important to revoke apps, especially the ones we used before the chain was split

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A very helpful post. the newcomers will greatly be benefitted.


You are welcome @xpilar

Greetings friend @xpilar.

This should turn on the alerts of the Steemit team and monitor this type of accounts, and that the possible affected ones pronounce themselves.

We must be aware of the possible next cases


Hi @adeljose

Yes, this should be monitored

Dear @xpilar, thank you for this very useful post. I checked on mine and found that I voted for busy.app and steem.app. Do I need to revoke this both? You kind advise is much appreciated. If yes, kindly teach me how to do this. Thanks so much for your help, cheers, ainie



Okay sorry please ignore this message, I have figured out myself how to do this, thanks, cheers, ainie

It is important on and off to check what is going on in the accounts. Those thieves will not attack the accounts that are active because it is easy to detect rather sleeping accounts.

Of course regular change the password and probably disable the functions that the user does not need and revoke the access that is something that we all have to do and not just hope that it never happens.

Thank you for alerting :)


I hope that there are many who read the post and that will take care of their account and security

Saya rasa sudah saatnya tim steemit membentuk sebuah tim khusus bagian ini, sehingga orang-orang yang membawa uangnya ke steem merasa nyaman, tanpa perlu khawatir tentang hacker.

CC @steemcurator01


They're working on it


Senang mendengarnya 💗

Thanks for this post.